Kitchen layout please help!!

LandreySeptember 28, 2012

We are building a house and the foundation is poured (yay!) but I'm unsure about how to layout the kitchen. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are leaning towards Bosch appliances.

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another angle

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Please help if you read this! Can standard depth refrigerators be "built-in"? I know this may be a stupid question, but could the counter come out to 30" so the standard depth fridge didn't seem too deep? Thanks!!

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1. My gf's kitchen is a bit like yours w/ the Lshape.
She put her standard depth fridge where your WOs are and recessed it ~6" into the back room (her bathroom).

2. For me, I prep/cook between a sink and a stove.
So I would move the fridge to the WO space, move the WO oven, and put the stove on the same wall as the sink (moving the sink toward where the fridge was).

I would put the 2nd sink on the island and make the island deeper (double bank cabinets).

Not ever having a sink at your 2nd location, I don't know how it would be used.

Maybe this will get your thread rolling...


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Thanks, I lost this one somehow...
I like the idea of a deeper island but I was trying not to put things on it...I was picturing using the second sink for hand washing and a coffee area. I had originally had the wall ovens and refrigerator swapped, but I don't know if that will get more crowded.

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I am on the same train of thought as Amanda, but I'd put the fridge, and maybe the oven, also, on the wall where you now show the 2nd sink, widen the island and put the prep sink in the island on the corner between the fridge/oven and stove.

For starters, your oven and fridge are tall blocks at the ends of your counters. You'll have to walk through the cleanup and dishes area to access the fridge while you're cooking, and it'll block the light and view between kitchen and bay window. The oven may crowd your stove area unnecessarily.

If you have the oven and fridge on that other wall, they're near the pantry and cooking area for convenience-sake, and where people can access the fridge without getting in the work zones. With the prep sink on the island corner, it's useful for cooking prep as well as baking tasks, and filling and emptying pots of water. People can access a corner sink from either the stove end or the side of the island for multipurposes.

I don't see a microwave, but I'd try to fit that in the fridge/oven/snack counter run also.

We have similar kitchen sizes and layouts, so I'm linking to a blog post I did on our kitchen layout zones and how they work for us, in case it helps at all.

Here, also, is the main page just about my kitchen, in general:

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen zones and workpaths

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Thank you! The workflow diagram is really helpful. I originally had the wall ovens and the refrigerator where you are describing but I worried about traffic from the mudroom as it is probably going to be used as the main entry to the house. I was planning on putting the microwave where you describe. The workflows would be a little weird in our kitchen now that I think about it that way. So much to decide...

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