Blumotion for pantry pull-outs?

Hobbes_NJSeptember 20, 2012

I'm putting together the hardware list for my kitchen and while I will have the Blum Tandem slides with Blumotion on all the drawers, I'm wondering if those will be the best choice for the pantry. My concern is that the soft close feature will create an ever-so-slight delay that one has to wait for to close the door. While not a major issue it could be an annoyance.

Does anyone have the Blumotion slides on their pantry pull-outs? Do they cause any such issues, or are my concerns not borne out in the real world?


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Yes, and no real issues. Minor annoyance, and still worth having Blumotion (+'s outweigh the -'s IMO). Once in a while, usually if I'm in a rush, I'll close a door (pantry, or pots/pans cab) before the pull-out has fully slid back, but I'll reach in to push the pull-out in and close the door.

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Yes, we have them. Not an issue at all. I have never shut the door before the pull-out has shut, and I am often in a hurry and not particularly careful. Maybe because the pantry doors have soft close also, so by the time the doors completely shut, the pull-out is back all the way.

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Thanks for the feedback. The more I thought about the less of an issue I thought it would be, but it is good to hear feedback from folks who have first-hand experience.

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Hobbes_NJ - good question. What are you getting for pantry pullouts? Btw - great name! I named my first dog Hobbes and love it that my kids love the C&H books just as much as I used to.

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Thanks oldbat2be. I've always been a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan. I had a cat named Hobbes for 17 years and his successor is named Calvin. Coincidentally, Hobbes was the quiet thoughtful type, just like his namesake, and Calvin is the lovable but frustrating rascal, just like his namesake.

As for my pantry pull-outs, they'll just be the standard shallow-drawer type. I'm building all my cabinets myself so I'll figure out the exact dimensions once I build them. The pantry will have 5 pullouts in the larger lower section and fixed shelves in the smaller upper section.

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I use Blum all the time. Pullouts are typically shy of the back of the door and blocked out from the sides.
I have never had a client say the door "caught up" to the back of the door.
You will be fine.

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