Is there an industry guideline for gap at back of granite?

marti8aSeptember 21, 2012

I've been talking to the fabricator this morning and the lady there insists it is standard not to physically template on a straight run, and that whatever gap there will be covered by backsplash. However, I haven't decided on a backsplash yet and will probably have just sheetrock for awhile.

She never mentioned cutting into the sheetrock. I asked what the biggest gap acceptable to them was and she didn't answer.

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from an old thread, linked below.

Here is the standard for gaps according to the Marble Institute of America site discussing the installation of natural stone surfaces in a kitchen:

"Visible joints between stone and other materials (e.g., cabinetry, gypsum wall board) shall be 1/8", with a tolerance of [plus or minus]1/16" ([plus or minus]1.5 mm), and filled with a soft, elastic material."

Just google "granite gap gardenweb" and you will find many threads on this subject.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread about gaps

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Thanks. I was talking to the guy as I posted that and couldn't find it in my quick search.

He said there wouldn't be anything over 3/16" inch, so I guess that meets the standard.

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marti I actually went to my fabricators this morning because my slabs had arrived and talked to the fabricator about templating. I asked him if he would be coming to the house. He looked at me like I had three heads to think otherwise. He said "of course, even though it is a straight run, walls are never straight" he then went on to say that while I do not want a stone backsplash lots of people do and in that case it is especially important for them to assess the straightness of the wall. The backsplash will of course be straight and they will occasionally tell clients to give up the granite splash because there will be too much gapping.

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This isn't the right guy for you either. Get your sink back and move on to someone else.

Look at local ads to see the company that's been in the business the longest and give them a call. I've got two local companies that have been in business since the 60's here, and they both do excellent, although pricy, work. Price isn't always a guarantee of quality, but statisically, it's IS more likely to be associated with higher standards than those on the budget end.

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I told dh my concerns, explained that I had read about the templating here as well as other places online, and all said they should be physically templated first. He thinks I am over analyzing it and that it will probably be fine.

So now I'm not speaking to dh until I cool off.

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The fabricators that did my granite said they template to within 1/32 of an inch. It was a very tight fit But they did cut into the drywall a little to slide the granite in and then over to seam. but you couldn't tell afterward, and we tiled backsplash. I'm having new cabinets installed (water leak, getting them replaced) and they are removing/storing/reinstalling the same granite. If I need drywall replaced where back splash is - the granite probably won't fit again.

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Wow, that is tight. The fabricator I have been talking to said 3/16. I can live with 3/16. Any more and I'd have a problem I think.

I probably am over thinking this. And I know that this is no big deal to most people and especially fabricators. But I have been waiting for this for 15 years. I don't want to look at big seams and gaps for the next 15 years.

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Get a list of satisfied customers and go look at examples of the fabricator's work "up close and personal." If the fabricator isn't willing to do so, that in itself is a real red flag.

You could be over thinking things, but the fabricator certainly is not!

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"Probably fine" doesn't cut it in my book when I'm spending thousands of my own hard earned dollars and plan to live in the house for many years. "Probably fine" doesn't gaurantee you anything. I know it's been a loooooon battle for you, but I second the suggestion (as I did the other day) to move on again. LWO said what I said the other day. You may have to spend a little more money to get a quality fabricator who knows what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks he is doing, but it is so worth it.

Hang in there!

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Remember, no wall is straight/true. No ceiling is flat. No corner is square.
I was amazed to find out that a granite fabricator we use said that he cannot do anything [other than cut the drywall] about a wall that is not straight? Than why template, Sparky?
I hate the clunky look of a 3CM backsplash. Maybe check into 2 CM?

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Ours was templated and wow - it was a tight fit! I was really amazed at the end result!

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We did not want our drywall to be cut into.

The templating was done with straight lines (no scribing).
The backsplash covered the gaps.

I did not want a very tight fit on purpose. As the house moves (california) I did not want the stone to have edge pressure that can lead to fractures.

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well 3/16" is almost a quarter inch. that seems like a pretty big gap to me

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My templating was done with fancy computerized measuring equipment but regardless of which way templating is done it should be templated not just fabricated based on a couple measurements of the width. My straight runs in both my laundry room and kitchen had no gap at all. Good thing, because except for the area behind the cooktop, I have no backsplash to cover any gaps. Like the others have said, find a different fabricator.

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