Calling all biochemists, bench scientists and lab rats...

aliris19September 29, 2012

The sanctity of soapstone is being challenged (not really)! But please check out this thread and weigh in, someone who might have a clue about the chemical properties of soapstone. Could this really happen, so fast, so consistently, with soapstone? Perhaps it is not soapstone?

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Aliris, only one person on that thread averred that it was soapstone that was damaging his or her tee shirts. The OP and many others were concerned about granite (or formica). If the holes ARE related to countertops, it seems unlikely to be soapstone-specific.

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Oh yeah, sorry. Not sure why I had soapstone stuck in the brain. I guess granite is more acidic by definition.

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OK - I stood by my counters and I guess I am tall enough that I would't have a problem - maybe my jeans but not the shirts.....

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