Post-reno letdown?

annkh_ndSeptember 11, 2013

Our new kitchen has been finished for 3 whole days! Unfortunately, I'm working 12-hour shifts this week, and haven't used the kitchen for anything more than pouring cereal or making a sandwich.

I absolutely love the space, and the storage, and the countertops, and the sink - it is everything I hoped and dreamed my new kitchen would be.

I have been thinking about this project for many years. I finally nailed down the overall layout last December, and talked to a cabinet maker in January. Since then I've been TKO - as anyone familiar with my screen name will confirm. I've poured my heart and soul into this - from choosing every little thing to ordering every little thing to demo and painting. I've acted as my own GC, so I've been in charge of timing, and scheduling, and supervising subs. I have enjoyed every minute of the process.

So now the process is complete. Everything is put away in its proper, logical, convenient place. Most of the bills are paid (still waiting on the big ones - electrician and cabinet maker). There is nothing at all hanging over my head - and no more "Ta Da" moments to look forward to. I was so caught up in the anticipation of each component, the excitement and satisfaction as all the pieces fell into place, and I think I'm missing that.

Anyone else feel like this? Or am I just really weird?

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Yes. And I keep looking for new projects to keep me pumped. But it's an expensive hobby!

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I was actually kind of glad when the kitchen was done...but just as it was coming to an end my son became engaged...sooooo, we decided to redo the downstairs more quickly than we had planned since we would be having so many people coming in for the wedding. The LR and FR were shabby looking as we hadnt done anything in years putting 3 kids through college. So I spent the year after the kitchen reno painting (had that done for the first time when we ran out of time), ordering new furniture, having hardwood installed in LR/DR, new window treatments, etc. Didnt get everything done--fireplace refacing was held up and furniture for FR didnt come in time--but it was presentable. Still working on accessories--the hardest thing for me and I have all but given up shopping for "stuff" to put on tables, etc.. So, I didn't get a rest for a year after the kitchen reno and it's still not done, but I have to take breaks now and just forget about it for a bit...

Ann---so glad your kitchen turned out the way you wanted--it's like a breath of fresh air when you walk into the new space isn't it?

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annkh, congratulations on hitting the finish line. And yes, we hit a letdown, and as numbers said, we start looking for other projects.

Like joaniepoanie, I've just moved on to other rooms on the first floor. I'm getting to the finish line there. But I'm still hanging out there, being now TKO, thinking about tackling the kitchen in our second home.

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Oh, yes. I always have to have a project, and when I do, I am obsessed about it. (as my fellow GW'ers know and understand).

In recent years most of my projects have been decor related. I also spend a lot of time on planning travel, and (thank goodness) volunteer/fundraising stuff.

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You're just really weird. :-) (just kidding!)

Seriously, though, like you, I was in charge of every little thing. But unlike you, I did not exactly enjoy it. All those decisions! Honestly, dealing with the trades was the least of my troubles. It was all the decisions that had to be made about every little detail that really did me in. I am sooooo glad it's over (well, it will be over if I can ever decide on cabinet hardware and get rid of this blue tape). I have other projects that need to be done, but I am not in any hurry to get to them.

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OMG, neither one of us is crazy! I'm essentially done. I've already mounted the magazine rack, put up a broom holder thing in the cellar stairwell, convinced my dad to take a road trip to Green Demolitions to haul back a mantle, painted said mantle, and am planning my first tile project replacing the hearth (need to build a base then tile it) ahead of a conversion from wood to gas next week! Oh, and put real shelves in the linen closet.

Plus I'm all set to start on the utility closet. I'm putting regular track shelves in, but also putting peg board on each side. That might have to wait a few weeks, but I have all the planning done.

I'm exhausted from all the decisions for the kitchen, but at the same time it makes the rest of the neglected interior space look even sadder (we had a lot of exterior work that needed to be done, for structural reasons). So it's motivating too!

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I'm not enjoying this kitchen redo. I have made mistakes with range, maybe the sink. Now I have to chose hardware. I've been told to get pulls with nails coming from inside door , because if nails show, another place for dust to gather. But, I like styles with nails on outside. I assumed I would pick satin finish, but others say with maple cabinets I could go with different color. Too many options.

Plus, so many compromises, like OTR microwave. My kitchen too small for another place. I am also not looking forward to workmen in my house, the dust, eating junky food for weeks, and I am really scared that my expensive quartzite will not be fabricated right.

This is my final house project, so I just say, "This too shall pass".

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I know what you mean. I'm not nearly done yet, but I'd almost be sad about the thought of finishing if I didn't have another project lined up next. I think that is the key to keeping the "letdown" at bay...always have some thing else in the wings. It doesn't have to be big or expensive or even house related - could be a trip, but having something to look forward to is part of the excitement. It's the chase, not the kill, in most cases.

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I think many people feel the same way--that's why we hang around the kitchen forum for YEARS after our project is finished!

I've undertaken several remodeling projects since then, and have learned so much through each one. Kind of bummed I started out with the kitchen--I was such a greenhorn and didn't know what I didn't know....

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Bookworm (btw, love the name! I read a lot too!), don't worry about what others say. Pick what you want! I'm too lazy to clean nooks and crannies with a q-tip, so I had to give up the beautiful doors I fell in love with for something I'm willing to take care of (and still love, but very different).

In my search for hardware and fixtures I had to ask if I was willing to clean it. Usually, no matter how pretty, it was "no", lol! You might be different, we all have to figure out what we can live with.

You don't have to eat junk if you don't want to, but you do need to make peace with nonstick foil and single use plates/utensils for your own sanity. We grilled a lot, things that don't need much prep like meats, simple cut veggies (on foil if needed), potatoes, etc. anything you can cook in a foil pouch is awesome! We also have a rice cooker and toaster oven, which helped a lot. We also gave in and used some convenience items like chopped garlic in a jar to minimize prep/cleanup.

If your not sure about large items or compromises, post on GW! I found it so helpful. I either ended up sure I made the right choice after seeing all the alternatives, or found something much better.

Hope it goes well!

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Thanks, Williamsen. As soon as I can transfer all my pictures to this ipad, I will be posting pictures. I think GW is heaven sent. The nicest people!!! I am amazed how pro's and experienced people spend so much time helping others with plans.

My name does have meaning, as I use to be a writer (in my field), and currently run the book club in my city library. I do the coordination, but the members chose the books. I'm lucky if I read 2 books a month, but these people read everything!!

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Of course! It's like post-wedding depression. So much excitement and planning and build-up and then one day it's over. But then you presumably have something that will give you years of enjoyment! ;)

We are in the final stretch of our reno that started in June, planned since December, and anticipated since 2011. They took down the wall today between the family room and the new kitchen and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily, once the kitchen is done, they are moving straight on to convert the old kitchen to a mud room (for which I haven't even started planning!). Onward and upward!

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Post-reno it and then realize why we repeat offenders are still here!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen is done, why can't I be happy?

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Uhm,'ve done other projects??? Please do show! Your creamy gorgeous kitchen certainly set the gold standard for many creamy kitchens.....would love to see what you have been up to since then, as your taste is exquisite :)

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firsthous_mp: ouch and lol on the article... six years old and it still rings true. I always tell people that renovating is an itch if you scratch it you will continue until you "lose an arm and a leg".

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firsthouse--good article! All true. "I should've...."

You're so sweet. I've done a bath, a 3rd floor reno master BR/ closet /sitting room/bath, and an un-attached 4-car garage that wouldn't be very interesting to anyone. Here is a link to the 3rd floor bath thread. One of these days I'll take photos of the rest of the space, but there's no "closet" forum to share pics...haha.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shanghaimom's striped marble bath

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Annkh, have you posted your reveal so we can all oooh and aaahhh? Did I miss it?

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No reveal yet - I'm working 12-hour shifts for 9 days straight, and I don't have the energy. Soon, though!

Thanks for asking.

More letdown today - I had my last meeting with Dan the Cabinet Man, when I stopped at the shop to pay my final bill and give him a hug. He said "If you have any problems... don't call me!" He laughed, of course. When I told him how much I had enjoyed working with him, and of course how happy I was with my kitchen, he gave all the credit to his guys in the shop, the finisher, and the installers. I'm sure going to miss that guy!

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You will hopefully be friendly with Dan for many just never know when you might need an extra bookcase or an addtl cabinet.

And more importantly, every time a friend comes over and oohs and ahs over your cabinets, you can give them a good referral to Dan the Cabinet Man.

Can't wait for your reveal.....

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