Modernaire hood arrived!

phiwwySeptember 12, 2012

At long last, the first piece of the kitchen is on-site. it's been 5 months since demolition and quite a few long delays, with some good progress on other areas of the house like the entry, baths and family room.

Attached is a picture of the hood, wrapped up but you can sort of see the shape. It's primarily oil-rubbed bronze with black steel accents.

I should be posting pictures soon as we progress. It's been a long haul but we have a real dream team in place now and are very happy with the results.

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Can't wait to see that beauty proudly hanging as the centerpiece of your new kitchen!

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Not to hijack your thread - but isn't it SO hard not to take the plastic off?? :-)

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Yes the suspense is killing me! Cotton, is yours installed yet? if so please post a pic.

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I agree - the suspense is killing me also!!!

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No, mine is sitting still wrapped up in the plastic too! Mine is a PS-26 in brushed stainless. It has been sitting in the box for a few weeks and then someone took the box off and it is so beautifully shrink wrapped. I did not dare touch it myself.

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Haha, our 72" Modernaire is sitting in my garage too. Have almost finalized our cabinet order. It's too big to even open it up and gawk at it. :)

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OK well DH and I cut away the plastic! it's safe in our basement as long as we don't have a flood. Kitchen cabinet install starts Mon or Tues, and the hood needs to go up temporarily so the cabs can be properly aligned. Anyway the thing is just gorgeous. I'm so excited! The contrast between the oil rubbed bronze and the blackened steel is more subtle than I expected. I just love it. I just have to keep the kids from using it as a coffee table in the basement b/w now and next week.

FYI - our pendants will be oil rubbed bronze and our knobs/pulls will be a combo of pewter and stainless steel.

I'm still trying to find a tile accent that will pick up on the blackened steel, but I won't know if that's really needed until most of it's in. It's been SUCH a long wait but it's finally happening.

Today the one bath got the base vanity finalized and the countertop/sink installed. Now tiling can happen. And the hw floors in the kitchen are halfway done. Major progess.

Now, c'mon modernaire hood owners - take off that plastic!

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Yippee...I love mine.

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David, pictures please!!! Which model?

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Just FWIW, my Modernaire came with a flaw in the finish that wasn't visable through the shrink-wrap. Get it unwrapped & make sure it's pristine. BTW, Modernaire was excellent & timely with their "fix", so it only held up installation briefly.

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