Can I share my latest paint version of my sink wall?

deedlesSeptember 26, 2012

Well, again I can't seem to resize to save my life, but...

playing around with the sink wall and this is feeling pretty good to me. The window can shrink a bit so I could get a 30 and 15 upper instead of the 24 and 12 as shown. DWD to right of sink, 20" undercounter freezer (big freezer in basement)and TBD" drawer base to left of sink. Think I've settled on the Frigidaire 32" all fridge and then a 12" wide tall cab with vertical storage behind the door for platters, etc and cookbook shelves above. The strange camera thing above the fridge is actually an old radio that my folks had in their first kitchen and I'd love to be able to listen to that again! It's pretty big, a bread box size. So!

I've put in Corian Jasmine for the countertop and the cabs are going to be either fir or quarter-sawn oak.

What do you guys think?

(For anyone that hasn't endured my many layout posts, the stove prep etc area is in another U shaped spot. This is just clean-up/dishes/fridge over here.)

Still looking at marmoleum for the floor. Checkboard is probably out, maybe a simple inlay but that TBD as well.

Okay, thanks!

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I like it! The fridge used to be on the other side, right? I like this much better. And the radio, books, plants make it all so inviting. I think the floor will look great with this, too. And the stained glass is wonderful :)

The only thing I'm not absolutely loving is the hardware...can you get something a little more vintage, to tie in with the sink and faucet? The stainless steel is good on the fridge (kind of a pop and unexpected) but the hardware seems out of place, with the rest of the great vintage details.

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Deedles, like lavender said, your hardware is a little strong. It's taking too much attention. It's drawing attention to the fact that your cabinets have little symmetry. But then, I love a bit of symmetry. If I were you, I would want the sink and the window to be where your eye goes. Instead, my eye is following the hardware.

I think of my sink and window as the queen of my sink counter area. I want everything else to support it visually. Hope that helps.

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Oh yeah the hardware. It's the only thing I could paste and shrink that didn't turn into a pixelated blob, so yes, the hardware will be... well, not that, lol. I was going to mention that and forgot. Definitely different.

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I pretty much like the larger window size. If you don't mind the 12" cab, which could be useful in many ways, I'd keep it. Candice (or Sarah?) did a Marmoleum checkerboard floor the other day using 3 colors. I didn't like the way it looked, although the material itself looked very interesting.

One concern I have about the fridge size: 32" isn't a common size. They exist, of course, but in the larger scheme of things it might be tricky to replace it someday with another that width, and your opening in the cabinetry is very specific. Just be sure you think about that and are comfortable that you'll have reasonable options some day down the road.

What's the thing on top of the fridge? It kind of looks like a mini wood-fired stove, but that seems unlikely.

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Agreed on hardware.

I've been wrestling with my personal aesthetic theory of windows to the counter. Which is a way to preface the following, that it is not meant to insult anyone who has what I don't like, but personally I find it unbalanced to have trim on 3 sides, ending into the counter. It might be why I became "against" windows to the counter which is something I'm wrestling with again, now having seen the kitchen with soapstone window sills in another thread.

Perhaps this photo will illustrate what I am talking about, where the trim is understated or non-existent.

Source: via Margo on Pinterest

vs. this window and framing

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One thing with herbs (if that's what you were thinking of growing in the pots) in that position is that it's a place where small drops of water and soapsuds often get splashed during cleanup. It's called a backsplash for a reason!

I had this setup once, and only discovered the problem when I put the fresh herbs in my food. It took me a while to track down the source of the elusive off-taste: Dawn detergent.

Even rinsing the leaves couldn't dislodge the taste of the dried-on soapy droplets.



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Now that I look at the window more, I see what you mean. I have such a strong sense that there should be bottom window trim that it looks like the window goes behind the counter (in Deedles' version). That one picture from onedogidie looks like you could fall out the window into the yard.

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Onedogie: I tend to agree with you and have thought about doing what you show in the first pic... curving it around without any trim on the wall. Mostly I put trim in the paint version so it looked window-like instead of like a square in the wall.

Liriodendron: lol, I'll keep that in mind. Maybe keep them up on the shelf then instead of down where the water splashes go. Of course, I'm going to have a rule in my new kitchen: NO SPLASHING!


Suzanne: I'm good with the 33" fridge size. It'll fit another fridge if it has to someday. The thing on the fridge is a very pixillated pic of a vintage radio that I have from my parents first kitchen. I know it looks goofy. Here is what it looks like:

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Cool radio.
I think it looks great, love the cookbook shelves. Really love the arc detail above the window and in the fridge niche. Are there other arcs in the kitchen? If I recall you were contemplating an arc over the cooking niche, or am I confusing you with someone else?

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No, that was me. We have a couple arched doorways and I'm a sucker for arches, period.

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