New Sink---Suggested Brands +/-'s if any

lainer105September 13, 2012

I currently have a Franke Orca sink and love it due to it's size. We recently purchased a second home and need to make renovations in the kithcen. Although I love my Franke sink it was alittle costly; therefore I am looking for suggestions as to another sink brand.

Many people mention Ticor, but I know nothing about it. Elkay is just as expensive as the Franke. All suggestions and comments appreciated.

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I have a Kraus sink I'm very fond of, but it really depends on what sort of a sink you have in mind. What do you have in mind?

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I am looking for something large like the Franke Orca since I do alot of baking. Need something to fit the pans.

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I went with a Kraus 30" undermount

which fits cookie sheets, turkey roaster pans, the works. They're currently running about $340 at Express Decor and $370 at Amazon.

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Ticor does have a couple of models that are orca-shaped. If you do a search here you will find that most people who have ticor sinks are very happy with them.

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For Suzanne - re: Kraus sink - can you please tell me the width (front to back) of your counter and the size of the bowl? I have one (a Kraus sink - looks identical) on order, but the granite guy feels that it will be a difficult squeeze, and I need to be wary of the faucet as it might not have the clearance to go behind. I like your faucet as well - have you been happy with it?

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The sink we are getting rid of and the new one we just purchased is a double bowl with a low divide. I feel like you get the best of both worlds. It is a double but almost feels like a single because the divide is low. We've always had a regular double sink (with the high divide). I'm happy the house we bought four years ago had this sink with the low divide. We really like it. Ticor makes one as does Elkay. We bought the Elkay one at and it doesn't feel very nice so I just ordered the Ticor one based on so many positive reviews here on GW.

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