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juleslSeptember 28, 2013

We had a lousy contractor/custom cabinet maker for our kitchen remodel. What is the best way to review them? Is it via Angie's List? Is this a forum to post their name? Or, is there a state listing that takes complaints.

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There most likely is a licensing board in your state, if he's licensed. That would be your best option since they have the ability to pull his license and/or getting you some reimbursement. Be a bit careful about posting on public forums - be sure to be unemotional and only state facts in order to protect yourself from libel allegations.

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I agree that state licensing is the most effective if there were serious problems, like the guy vanished with your money or did seriously sleazy things (presented fraudulent insurance documents, used your credit card without authorization, etc). For complaints like him not showing up, not ordering materials, job stretching way beyond estimated timeline, I'd go to the consumer sites like Angie's List or the Better Business Bureau. We just eliminated from consideration a GC who has five BBB complaints since December 2011.

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Did you ever get your backsplash put in? Did you end up having this GC do it or an independent installer?

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If you are/were a member of angies list and "elected" to use this contractor as the result of there referral program, then there is a review posting process.

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annalyn, I went to an independent installer for my backsplash and it looks beautiful and he was so easy to work with.

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What specifically were the problems?

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Before posting any review in the negative, I would let a bit of time pass so that my emotions were not playing into things. Many times I've found that the way I feel in the moment is not how I feel later. I would also limit my review to facts ... rather than say that the contractor was lousy, I would specifically state my complaints. I agree with the others in that if you are talking about shoddy workmanship, you should address your complaint to the state license board.

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