Will my faucet fit my sink/countertop?

ecfinnSeptember 12, 2012

I've been a long time reader at GW but don't post much. We're currently putting in a new kitchen and need to finalize our sink/faucet before we can template for our Dupont Zodiaq counters. We have a 36' sink base and we're hoping to install the Silgranit Performa 1-3/4 in anthracite (Model 441312) and we like the Delta 978-DST Leland faucet. What I can't figure out is if we have enough space (front to back for this sink and faucet. The sink is 19' deep, the faucet requires 2.5' clearance from the center of the spout to the back wall. Will I have enough deck space behind the sink to install this faucet? I was reading this article and I'm not sure I understand how deep the typical counter top is and whether or not I've got a problem.



Here is a link that might be useful: Making Sense of Kitchen Faucets

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Is this your Delta faucet?

I have a Blanco Precis super single measuring the same 19" front to back (interior basin is slightly smaller) as yours. My cabs are standard depth. I don't have a closeup of my setup with the faucet installed.

It all fits fine.** The counterspace behind my sink measures 4.5". Plenty deep enough for my faucet, air switch, and soap dispenser. I don't see why your setup would be different unless you have an unusually deep window sill or other item protruding into the space as well. Sink and faucet manufacturers are aware of standard cab depth dimensions. If you're still concerned, try asking your stone fabricator. Your sink and faucet choices are common enough that a good fabricator will have used these items before and can reassure you that yours will fit.

**CAVEAT: My faucet has a control wand instead of a seperate counter mounted controller like yours. My actual faucet fit fine, but the way it was constructed to work meant the control wand had to be mounted in the front of the faucet instead of the side as intended. There wasn't enough space for the wand to be pushed all the way back for hot water without hitting the wall. I'm very happy for this mistake as it makes the controller much easier to reach. A 23" reach (19" sink plus front overhang) is a long one unless you have the arms of Michael Phelps.

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My conclusion is that you can, but it will be tight, and the placement of the sink and the faucet needs to be thought about carefully (which is what you are doing!).

As you noted, the outer dimensions of your sink are 19". The front wall of your sink base is indubitably 3/4". Therefore, the rear edge of your sink can be (at a minimum) 19.75" from the front of sink base. (But see note about mounting later.)

If the rear edge is 19.75" from the front of the sink base, it is 24-19.75 = 4.25" from the rear edge. Will you have a backsplash? Let's assume so, and assume that you will use 3/8" tile and 1/8" thinset for at total of 1/2". Thus, the rear edge of your sink will be 4.25-0.5 = 3.75" from the backsplash.

If you mount your faucet at 2.5" from the backsplash, the center of the hole will be 3.75-2.5=1.25" from rear edge of the sink. The hole is 1.5" in diameter, so the edge of the hole will be 1.25"-1.5"/2 = 0.5" from the rear edge of your sink. You made it by 1/2".

The flange on your sink is 3/4" wide, so the center of your faucet hole will be 1.25"+3/4"=2" from the inner surface of your sink. That is enough room for you to have a flush reveal, or even a small positive reveal, for your countertop.

Now, the note about mounting. Most times, you are expected to use clips that screw to the bottom of your countertop. Thus, you cannot put the edge of your sink right up against the edge of your sink base and still have room for clips. If your sink were not curved, I would say just use a Sink Setter (linked below). The curve may make it difficult to use a Sink Setter; perhaps you should call them and ask. I think you can use the Sink Setter model that holds the sink by its sides, instead of by the front and rear flanges.

Of course, the curve is a two-edged sword. As the sink curves away from the apex, that creates room to put in the clips. If you can forgo a few clips near the front center, you may get away with it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Setter

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Thanks, Breezy. That's exactly the kind of help I was hoping for. That is the same faucet and your sink is similar enough in dimensions that I'm pretty sure mine will actually fit now. That's one of my questions for the fabricator today, but figured I'd ask the folks at GW first since I trust your collective experience more so than a dealer with a vested interest in my money. :-)

How do you like your sink? Did you get the matching color Blanco drains or something else?

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Thanks too to AngieDIY for a detailed analysis of how to "think sinK" and needed measurements. Her analysis is easy to follow and I book marked sink setter. Nice information to review with ones GC and fabricator.

Lots of nice people here. Good luck OP.

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Agreed. Thanks, Angie. That's the kind of math I was struggling with b/c I didn't know where to start. Now of course tonight I'm going home to measure/layout the same thing on card-board over the sink base. :-)

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Thanks for the comments, Sparkling, and you are most welcome, eric. I think laying it out with cardboard is a great idea.

I had been through this exercise before with my own sink.

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You're welcome. Here's my faucet installed at my prep sink. Since I have GD at both sinks, my drain whatchamacallits are polished chrome. I love my silgranit sinks! Love, love! They hardly ever look dirty so I have to remember to clean them. Silgranit never chips, scratches, sounds tinny, or has black rub marks from pans.

Good luck with your sink install!

Angie is awesome, isn't she? :)

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Breezy--Could you please post your photo? (I know I've had trouble with my images disappearing if I edit my post after previewing. If I use the back button instead, the pictures don't disappear on me.)

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Today could be your lucky day. By fortuitous coincidence, I literally just had that exact sink (although in biscotti) with a LeLand faucet installed today, so I can verify it will fit.

Here's a couple photos (ignore the fact the faucet isn't all the way in it's holder. It appears when the retailer swapped out the soap dispenser for me they lost the magnet that goes in the top and since install was today I haven't gotten a replacement yet):

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I apologize, Laughable. I must have had a brain blank. I'm sure you've seen this pic dozens of times.

Pretty stone, Mrsjoe!

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Oh and I figured I would also mention that the location of the faucet is not due to it having to go there. We have an issue where in order to get the trash cans I wanted, we had to set the sink slightly off-center to the window. We decided that putting the faucet more in the center of the window, might make the sink look less off. In comparison to the sink, it probably would have looked better being installed at the divider, and that was also possible - just not what we chose.

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