For those of you who re-use Ziplocs

olivertwistkitchenSeptember 16, 2012

We wash and re-use our ziploc bags and baggies. Problem is that after they are dry, they don't roll up neatly and tuck into the original box. Right now I have a big Tupperware (size of a loaf of bread) and just shove them in there. Anyone with any better, neater ideas that won't take up too much space? Thanks.

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I do the same, but into a plastic bag. I hate when I see people throw them out. I only toss raw meat, fish or chicken, or a very greasy bag.
This bag hanger is one of my favorite things. I also dry my sink rags on it and it stores away easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: plastic bag dryer

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We also wash and reuse big and little ziplock bags. When dry I roll them up and shove them in several different containers: one is an old cylindrical tea tin and another is a porcelain cannister I didn't want sitting out on the counter but couldn't bear to part with. These sit upright in the drawer I have for aluminum foil, plastic wrap etc.

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How about sticking them in a repurposed baby wipes container? I usually let my spare bags float around and jam up the baggy drawer, but a container might work better. : )

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My mother is the original frugal/eco-minded cook! She has one of those small plastic drawer stacks (similar to the one pictured here) on a shelf in a closet near the kitchen. Each drawer is labeled, "small bags," "medium bags," "large bags" and "casserole sized bags." She washes them, hangs them out to dry (just plastic bags, no laundry), and then carefully folds them and puts them in the appropriate drawer. Woe be to him or her who throws out a plastic bag, especially the prized casserole-sized ones -- which DH did on one of our first visits to the parents!

Me, I just roll them all up together once they are dry and stuff them in a drawer! From GardenWeb Photos

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Huh I had never even thought about saving them. I thought that's the whole advantage - that they're disposable. Otherwise the food would go into plastic storage containers.Because I do wash those

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Years ago, my mother would hang up baggies on the wash line - we were all embarrassed - little did we know, she was ahead of her time.

I re-use some zip locks - mostly if they aren't too slimy - I use a bag holder and just stuff them inside. First round is food, then downstream used for non-food items.

Simple Human and Ikea both make them - and I am sure other do also.

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moutainneergirl, i'm with you. I use glass storage containers mostly and very occasionally only use ziplocs. Even sandwiches go into wax paper bags.

I don't feel i could get them clean enough to not become a mini bacteria farm. I guess if you made sure you washed in hot enough soapy water... where hot is like 140.

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I roll up washed and dried ziplocs (dried on dowels that stick into the wooden pasta drier that I use as a paper towel holder) and stick them into a perforated metal container that Leoni ricotta came in (about the size and shape of a very tall soft drink cup). It's on the bottom shelf of the pantry cabinets, so it's easy to see the contents at a glance and pick out or put in.

I try to minimize the use of plastic bags, too, but there are times when ziplocs are the best tool for the job. And as I mostly use the heavy-duty freezer weight, they're worth washing and re-using.

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I freeze things in ziplocks.
I also reuse.
Their last stand is when they've held something like spaghetti sauce or soup, then after that thaw, things that would be stinky or attract bugs goes into them and into the garbage. Stuff like fat off meat (that I won't give to the dogs) or chicken bones & skin.

I use mostly glass or plastic to freeze, but plastic eventually becomes brittle and breaks, or I've lost the top. In which case, the topless container goes in a zip lock baggie! I also cook in huge vats and marathons, so I often don't have enough containers. That's where I got the idea to just freeze stuff in a bag!

But don't try boil-in-a-bag with baggies. They just melt and you got a bunch of seriously wet, hot, disintegrated food. Ask me how I know....

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I have to wonder if anybody's done the math to see if you're actually saving anything after the use of water, water heater, and soap. I've wondered about that with paper plates versus washable plates, too.

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DEFreeman - yuck! Years ago, my DM and I tried to make Spanish "donuts" for a class project and poured the oil into a plastic container - watched it melt away and wow - my DM was not happy!
I bought a slew of glass containers - as i have lots of miss matched plastic.

My DH should have stock in Zip Lock - he wastes so many of them..... but I do re-use some for non-edibles.

One trick - I keep one in the freezer and dump compostables into it - then dump into my outside compost bin. No bugs, no mess (sometimes I use a compost bag inside so I can make the Zip lock last longer.

flgargoyle - thought of that also - especially for general recycling - fortunately, we no longer have to "gift wrap" our recycles.

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Oh, that compost idea is great!
I have a lot of garden to make, so I need a lot of stuff.

Good idea.

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flgargoyle - I agree - you have to consider all the angles.

I get my Ziploc bags from Costco and I don't remember quite what they cost but I checked Amazon's prices just for a ballpark...

Ziploc Storage Bag, Gallon Value Pack, 40-Count(Pack of 3)

$13.14 $0.11 ea bag
$12.48 Subscribe & Save = $0.10 ea bag

Anyone have any other prices they can check?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Of course it isn't just the cost, but the waste stream as well. We wash and reuse bread wrappers, especially for other breads that come in cellophane wrappers that split. The bread wrappers get rolled up and shoved inside another bread wrapper. The zip locs get rolled and placed in an old zip loc box in the drawer next to the box of the new ones.

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