Under- and In- Cabinet lighting

strayerSeptember 4, 2013

I want to put LED fixtures under the cabinets and do the LED tape inside the glass cabinets.

For the UCL, I didn't like the actual UCL fixtures I saw in 2 of the stores I went to, because they were pretty bulky. My friend emailed me this photo and I like this fixture because it is so much thinner. This one is plugged in; I'd have to verify that it can be hard wired.

Does anyone here recognize this product? Trying to find out the brand name so I can research it.


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Hmmm - our under counter and in glass cabinet LED lighting is way smaller than that, not sure that brand? Ours is the LED lighting tape that has all the lights on one side and a sticky tape on the other - sounds crazy but it was through a lighting consultant. It runs under all our cabinets in the kitchen and wet bar and up the side of our glass cabinet t has a small transformer that fixes under cabinet (or in the top of the glass one.)

It sticks to the underside of your cabinet for easy application, but we also put little clips over it to just make it permanently secure in our Baltimore humidity!

We got ours through Creative Systems Lighting - I think it's the PDQ model on the website below. It came in a certain linear footage spool and you just put it where you want it (of course you have to have electric where the transformer is going to be. :)

I think there are other brands now that may be different pricing but this was MUCH less than we were quoted for other LED lighting solutions.

Here's the tiny transformer:

Kind of tricky to take a photo during the day of just the under cabinet lights on but here's a try. They are on a dimmer so this is my fav level, it's not as bright as they go.

We went with this product for the glass specifically because we wanted wood shelves and not glass - by running the thin tape of lights all the way up both sides, it lights the whole cabinet evenly and the light is not blocked by the shelves. It runs up right inside the side pieces on the right and left.

Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Systems Lighting LED tape

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