Unlacquered or uncoated brass bar faucet?

californiagirlSeptember 6, 2012

I am trying to source a brass bar faucet with a living finish, one that will tarnish to a dull brass. Newport makes faucets in this finish but it is a special order with a four week lead time. Rohl can obtain their Country line (made by Nicolazzi in Italy) in a raw polished brass, but again, it's a custom order.

Has anybody found a manufacturer who stocks uncoated brass faucets?

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I had an Herbeau brass faucet in my old house. $$$, but it wasn't a custom order that I recall. Purchased at Faucet Direct, IIRC.

Best thing to clean it with - by the way - a paste called Shedazzle. Much easier than brass-o or the like. I only polished my faucet on rare occasions. But I always had to watch my MIL around it because she was crazy with the bleach in my white Shaw's sink - destroyed my brass disposal flange with her obsessive cleaning!

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"one that will tarnish to a dull brass."

Until ANY acid touches it.

Even the mildest acids will strip the "living finish" back to bare metal.

It will be "living" all right. looking different just about every day before and after you wipe it clean.

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Yes, you probably should know that it won't tarnish to a lovely even dull patina. My range handles had speckles on them where god knows what from the pot hit them. The faucet had splotches. That said, I loved them. But having true living brass in your kitchen is probably harder than dealing with marble etching :-)

Funny thing, for all the bellyaching about brass that still goes on - the young woman who bought my house *loved* that brass faucet. It's nothing like the horrid 80's brass, for sure.

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Probably should have said that we already have in use an uncoated brass bar sink and know all about the reality of patina. In an old house patina helps blend new spaces into the original ones, so we prefer materials that "age".

Forgot about Herbeau, probably because the faucets are so pricey, but they might be in stock and that might be worth it.

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