Anyone have pictures of range hood enclosure similar to this?

deedlesSeptember 15, 2012

Eclectic Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect John Malick and Associates - Greg Klein Principal

Not quite sure how to search for it and wondering if I can find more similar pics through you all. Esp. would be interested in the arch with brackets on each side instead of walls. Thanks

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Generally I believe those sorts of range hoods are called mantle range hoods, so that might help your search (although that term takes in a fair range of styles).

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Gregincal: thanks for the search tip!

Localeater: Exactly. Thank you! Helps my design ideas.

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Range hood? There's a range hood there somewhere? I was too mesmerized by that fascinating bright turquoise stove to notice any other details in the kitchen shown. : )

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You reminded me of a kitchen I was in love with maybe ten years ago. I'd forgotten about it. I saw it on a now defunct kitchen tv show. I can't remember what it was called because I haven't thought about it in so long. Does anyone remember that show? Great kitchens, or something.

Anyhow it was a house in California. Gorgeous blond good looking family with rambunctious boys. The hood was incorporated into the soffit, that didn't look like a soffit because it was curved and had the hood baffles and lights set into the tile. I think there were cabinets at the end of the run. So in effect it was like a vintage nook (I can picture a green & yellow tiled one in my mind that I've seen a picture of) for the stove but it was infinitely more functional with counters & cabinets. I don't have a photo but this kitchen has the gist of the idea if you imagine wall cabinets to the counter, a stove instead of a sink, no windows, and tile all up the back and on the curve with the curved hood set into it. Wow.

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Onedog: WOW. Wheels are now spinning on this one. Where does one get a curved hood insert or whatever it would be that would fit such a creature? Or, could you have the front of the curve lower and then just a vent behind it in a flat surface? That's a flippin' awesome picture. I'd love to see the one from the TV show. Must have been good if you remember it and the family all these years later.

I wonder if you had cabs down on either side of a range, how much space needs to be on either side of the range?

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I don't know how they did it! I guess that's why it made such an impression on me. The curve was akin to the one in the picture above and the baffles were inset into the curve though maybe they used mesh baffles which would be easier to shape?

I just searched again for the show. Having gone through the names of all HGTV shows yesterday, and not finding it, today's eureka moment was that it was probably on the Food Network because that was the channel I watched back then. The show was called "Ultimate Kitchens" and it was hosted by Tori Ritchie. I think it was a short half hour show.

I am not a fan of the stove niches with the cabinets that come down to the counter. They seem cramped to me and cut off from the sink etc. I don't remember this tv kitchen like that. I feel the counter to the right of the stove ran into a normal corner and ensuing perpendicular counter run so there was flow. But I am going on a 13 year old memory! I wish they'd re-air the show.

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