Cabinets installed! Island progress.

debrak_2008September 5, 2012

Over the weekend DH installed all the cabinets. I was so stressed thinking what if we measured wrong?

I was really worried about the island. DH had to build the island. There is only one cabinet in it and the granite will be heated so there was alot to design with it.

The box seen under the island will house outlets and the heating switch (not sure what to call it). The back and sides of the island will be covered in black beadboard.

I was concerned it would be too big. There will be 3" overhang of granite all around except at the front of the cabinet (1.5"). Wood trim painted with the wall color will go around the exposed wood edge. Dh has to install the trim and imbed the heating pad in thinset on top.

We ordered a new glass door to replace the one seen.

Here is a sneak peak.

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Sorry, what are you worried about?

This is looking fabulous.
If I have envy, it's about someone to help me. Have a little faith. It's looking like it's going to be absolutely perfect.

Congrats. :)

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How's it coming? :)

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I was worried about the measurements because if they were wrong it was all on me. Also concerned about the walk room around the island. That all worked out perfectly.

The counters got templated and I pick the actual layout of the granite on Saturday. Right now just touching up the cabinets and installing doors.

This weekend DH will install the heating element on the island. I need to order the hardware. Here is what I plan to order.

Feeling much less stressed now :)

Here is a link that might be useful: cup pulls

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Starting to look like a new kitchen! What granite did you choose. Looking forward to finish pics.

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White diamond aka Bianco antico.

While its not hooked up, I got tears in my eyes when DH moved the stove into place. We started this house remodel 8 YEARS ago. So my kitchen was partially demo'd all that time while working on other rooms.

Must say Shenandoah has been great. I called yesterday about one door that "rattled". They are sending a new one for free no questions asked. They replaced another that we thought had some odd marks on it. Now we can't find the marks!

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The dark cabs look nice with your floors! Looking forward to the final reveal.

What is that duct hanging over your stove?

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There was a little concern about the cabinet color and the floor color. Floor has an orange undertone and the cabinets more of a purple. At different times of day they look different but I'm happy with our choices.

The duct is for the SS chimney style range hood that needs to be installed.


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Looks great love the color.

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Looking great! You have to be so excited, particularly after 8 years of being in the reno process! Looking forward to more photos.

Can you tell me about the heating element for the island? What are you using and how did you come up with the plans to put it together? Heated countertops sound so luxurious. Yum. :)

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We installed a chimney hood, so in my research, I came across discussions about flex duct. I read it's a fire hazard and not to code. Is that a plastic flex duct? Ours is a short solid piece of galvanized metal.

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Heating the island is just like heating a tile floor. We got the idea from Fine Homebuilding magazine. Also, one of the guys on This Old House did it.

If you have hot water heat you can use hot water. We don't so we are using the same electric mats we used under our bathroom floors.

Basically you embed the mat in thinset and then tile over. Or in this case lay the granite over it.

In the winter the granite in our bathroom is cold. I don't have to lean on it so it doesn't matter. In the kitchen the island will be our breakfast, quick meal, and hang out spot. I don't want to be cold. We keep our house pretty warm, 70 - 72 degrees but leaning on cold granite still is chilling. Plus it will cool down your coffee or tea. We don't plan on making the granite warm, just taking the chill off. I doubt anyone will touch it and notice anything unless they touched the permiter counter first. It will be programmed to go on and off at different times just like our bathroom floors.

I will let everyone know how it feels during winter!

The plastic duct came with the range hood. I don't have a gas stove and don't do any high heat frying so I can't imagine our stove would generate that much heat to cause any issues but I will check it out. Thanks for mentioning it.

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debrak! I can totally relate to your feelings and it gave me a huge lump in my throat when I read that you had tears in your eyes to see the progress you are making. I am so excited for you that you are almost done!! Cant wait to see more pics. Your kitchen looks fantastic.

Best to you and your family.

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