Just how passe are valences?

foodonastumpSeptember 9, 2013

Ok so once again I learned something after the fact because I joined this club too late. On another thread I just read that valences are passe. Just HOW passe are they?

I have enough crown material to remove and redo it. I would probably need to switch to two lights above the sink because there's a joist in the way above. Of course it would cost me, but I know my contractor would be reasonable. I personally like the continuity that it adds, but if it's screaming "outdated" I might consider the change.

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It has a purpose and is not frilly or obnoxious. You like it. Looks good to me from this photo.

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I have noticed that a valance seems to be gone on many new kitchens. However, I still like them and have no intention of leaving it off when we reno our kitchen. Yours is simple and your wood is gorgeous! Just beautiful. If you like it, leave it. If it bothers you, change it.

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It always depends on the situation. Haven't seen the rest of your kitchen, but your valance appears to be a good solution to link 2 sets of upper cabinets.

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We used tumbled travertine for our backsplash. It is *so* passe. Too bad, we like it. Same for your valence - you like it, so who cares if it isn't the newest, hot item? This is your kitchen and presumably you'll be the one living in it for the foreseeable future, and, as it turns out, 90% of the country doesn't know valences are passe. Gorgeous wood, by the way.

(mumble, mumble...if 90% don't know it's passe, is it really passe? If a tree falls in the forest....)

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Holly- Kay

I think it looks beautiful! I get so tired of hearing outdated this and outdated that. Honestly it beautifully ties together your two runs of cabinets.

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I think it looks fine. If you liked it before you read that they were passe, and that's the only reason you're questioning it, I would leave it. It also serves the appropriate function of getting the light in the right spot.

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I like 'em, especially the old kitchens with the scalloped ones. Yours looks lovely.

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Fori is not pleased

Leave it alone!

It's good. :)

Think of it as being ready for when not having a valence will be passe.

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Just what I wanted to hear! Thanks all. I do like it and yes it serves a purpose. It's staying. Whew!

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I would be hard pressed to take that valance out, it looks to be done well and work in that space. Someone else might feel that valences in certain situations are passé however as you can tell from this thread there are also people who feel valances work depending upon the style and other factors involved.

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Screw the Passe Police. :)

All those who tut-tut and shudder over your hopeless ignorance over what is Now and Happening? Will they ever actually enter your house? I didn't think so.

I have a valance over my kitchen window. It's fabric and I made it myself and it might just possibly be my favorite thing in the entire kitchen.

Do you like yours? Do YOU like it? Passe schmasse. Leave it alone. Don't let others tell you what you should like or have in your kitchen. If YOU don't like it--be honest with yourself--then yes, you have options.

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Let's face it....most of us cannot afford to replace and redo with every new trend that comes up. I say do what you like and what you can afford and let go until it's time to redo again...then you will get what's current at the time and it too will be "passe" in a few years. You can't keep up unless you're Daddy Warbucks!

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I agree with the others, "passe", or "dated" or "trendy" terms make me wonder how many people actually do what they want, or just what they think is "in"?

I like your valance, and it serves a practical purpose.

Talk about passe, I have a knotty pine cabinets and love them....

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I think your wood is beautiful (cherry?) and the valence is neat, covers the light. I like how it is recessed, which added a lot of time.

If it is passe, then my KD should be fired. He suggested I get a simple one over kitchen sink. I hope mine looks half as nice as yours.

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I like it! I think trendy is passe. I'm sure tired of it.

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We just finished our remodel and we just added a valance. It perfectly frames our window and I find it beautiful.

I still see lots of valances on Houzz and in magazines but they're not the trend which is fine by me.

Yours looks really beautiful and compliments your kitchen well. Good luck!

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I think it's more that scalloped valances are currently "out". Yours and sanjuangirl's are not scalloped. They both look fine - I wouldn't remove them.

But, even if they were scalloped and you liked them, I'd tell you to keep them - they're your kitchens!

[Edited to fix typo.]

This post was edited by buehl on Mon, Sep 9, 13 at 20:24

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Due to some major problems re-routing the plumbing that was in our soffits, we are ending up having to have a cabinetry valance built over our window, connecting our upper cabinets, to hide our 2nd floor plumbing.

I was really bummed about it, especially after reading the threads about how they're considered outdated. And really bc outdated or not, I just didn't want to pay for one and I'm afraid its going to block the light coming in from my window. From the sketch they gave me though, I think they did a good job of keeping it in the style of my cabinets/kitchen & I'm hopeful it turns out OK.

Anyway, yours is definitely NOT passé at all, (imho of course)its tastefully done, serving a purpose and obviously quality materials were used. Its small too, I hope mine looks half as good as yours! Don't even think about taking it out! Unless YOU really don't like it.

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Not passe, but do look like they are hiding something. Doesnt serve any purpose. we left it out in our remodel.

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I never was one for trends- I think of that aspect as kind of a sheep mentality. To valance or not is just one of a multitude of personal choices to be made in a kitchen remodel. I personally think not having one looks a bit "plain jane", but I suppose those who choose not to have one are happier without.

I too was a little concerned about blocking some light, so DH built ours- it is an arched frame with inset panes of old fashioned striped glass. I think it is the best of both worlds. I love it, and I'm sure there are some who would never consider putting something like it in their kitchen. To each their own.

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work!!

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