Me Again Needing Help!

calyle7September 6, 2013

OK..I need your help once more...
In my U shape remodel I will have a cabinet on one side of the window which will either Butt up to the window facing Or the window can be finished without any facings as it will be a opening out into the glassed in porch / entry.
On the other side of the window I have more wall space. Right now there is a 21" cabinet ordered (but because of some issues not realized before demo...I have 26 1/2 ".
My First Question?....Should I try and get a 24" cabinet to fill the wall space more and give me more cabinet space. This cabinet is a end cabinet that hangs above the small open snack bar.
Second Question? Should I use window trim and butt the cabinets up to it OR No window trim and have the 2" of painted area around the cabinet?
I am also wondering if I should leave the window at counter level and put the sill there it up a few inches before adding it?
Again thanks everyone for all your help!

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It's a personal dislike of mine to have cabinets crowding casings. I'd actually go smaller on the one cabinet to have the same reveal around the window. It's much less claustrophobic. When every inch is crammed with cabinets, the room feels crowded and small. Even if the room IS crowded and small, leaving some room around the casing can make it feel less so.

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So you are saying ...Have more space on the left side around the Window than on the right?
Please clarify....
Do you think I should leave the facings off on the right side..which would be 2" and leave the same distance off on the left ...making it a opening without facings?

If I keep the 21" cabinet I would then have 3" on right instead of the cabinet going right to the other edge?
Would that look better than having the 24" cabinet there?

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A visual would be very helpfu - do you have one?

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I have tried everything today to try and get something that will show what I am talking about so I did a rough drawing with one of the kitchen designs to give a idea what I mean...and it is a rough drawing for sure...the window is wider than what it looks.

So Question is....Do I keep the 21" cabinet instead of getting the 24"? If so I will have 2" on either side of windows (with or with out facing) and 3" on far side of cabinet wall on the left....the right side turns into a corner cabinet.
Also...Do I leave window sill at counter level as it is now..Or build up 2 to 4" and then add window sill....whether it be granite or wood?
Wish I had a better visual...just couldn't get anything to work today!

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Does the cabinet on the right come around the corner to meet the window? I can't figure that out from your picture. If it doesn't and just comes to the corner, then I would not add the other cabinet on the left of the window. I would leave it open and perhaps if you wanted, add an open shelf. Just my humble opinion, since I am no designer.

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Yes it is a Corner cabinet so comes around to meet window
Anyone's Opinion is greatly Appreciated!
And I need all the cabinet space I can get...
I know the drawing is terrible!!

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