Mini overhang, bad idea?

kathecSeptember 19, 2012

My island measures 66" and as of now I have decided to go with a prefab butcher block top that measures 72" which will leave a 6" overhang. I have 3' x 3' legs I can add or decorative brackets. It will be at the end run of the island, out of the flow of cooking traffic on the breakfast nook side. There is no seating, it is a working island only.

Similar to this, but without the seating:

Will this look ok? Or is 6" just too small? Should we go ahead and cut the countertop down to length?


Thanks for being my sounding board!


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If you center it it'll only be a 3" overhang at each end. I don't think it'll be enough to look right with legs, even if you scooch the top over so that most of the extra is on one side. (There would still be an inch or so overhang on the other end.) If it were mine, I'd be very tempted just to install it as is to save myself the bother of cutting off that couple of inches. Nobody would fault you for cutting it so the overhang is the same on all 4 sides, though. :)

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