integrated LG dishwasher sticks out beyond countertop, even

talley_sue_nycSeptember 21, 2011

We had to replace our Maytag dishwasher; the latch/handle and electronic panel was cracking and finally broke.

The LG fully integrated dishwasher that took its place is in place but the guys didn't attach it to anything. (They got all wrapped up in solving a tricky electrical problem.)

The front of the dishwasher sticks out well beyond the cabinetry, and beyond the countertop itself. However, the frame of the dishwasher opening is flush with the cabinet frame.

(I can't push it farther back, though--even though it's not attached, it won't budge at all.)

Is this normal? It looks really funny, it's annoying, and it's going to be in the way.

I thought the point of an integrated dishwasher is that it would be flush with the cabinet-door fronts. Am I wrong?

Any pics you can send me to? The LG site doesn't show it installed. Just stand-alone silhouetted.

We have to have them come back and screw it into place, but i want to know what I can ask for in terms of positioning.

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Pull it back out and figure out why it's sticking out. What is your cabinet depth? Where is the electrical and plumbing for the DW? If you have shallower than standard cabinet depths like many older home, a regular full sized DW can stick out. If the plumbing or electrical connections are located in the way, the DW can stick out. LG DWs are fully encased in boxes, rather than being just the internal DW box with the motor stuck on as an afterthought. Being fully encased is one of the reasons that they are so quiet. But, it also means that they can't "smush" things to one side or the other. They have a specific set of parameters that must be met for drain routing and electrical, and sometimes, things need to be modified in your cabinetry for them to be able to fit correctly. This is all in the installation instructions tht you and your installers need to read and understand. It may require additional cabinet or drain modification on your part to have your DW fit correctly.

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I'm sorry you are experiencing this. When we were looking for a DW to replace our broken Whirlpool last winter, I found that American made DWs made to accept a panel were to deep (front to back) to remain flush with the cabinet run once the wooden panel was installed. I was advised to buy a Meile. The interior is noticably smaller, the front to back depth is shorter by about 2" (as I recall). Since I wanted to biggest interior I could find (family of nine), I purchased a SS KitchenAid and just gave up on the integrated look. We did not have the time to wait for the panel, this was during the holidays and we just needed a DW, not another project.

That being said, if I had more time, I would have done an integrated DW and if necessary, I would have removed the sheet rock from behind the DW to create a larger space to accommodate the door. Perhaps you can take measurements and figure out if you can remove drywall and studs (you would need to create horizontal sills in the walls if you remove a stud, or maybe your could simply turn the stud 180 degrees within the cavity). Or maybe taking out the drywall would be enough. I don't think it would affect any of the electrical or plumbing, but might make the sound level rise.

Tally, I hope this doesn't become a large project for you. What does the cabinet maker who made to door panel think? Can you return the DW if need be or is that a final sale?

PS Still using the MS PTouch regularly and so thankful for it!

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We're not going with the cabinet door--we're going to stick with the factory white. So I don't have the extra depth of the wood to deal with.

I can't take out the drywall--my walls are solid plaster brick, and they're only about 2.5 inches thick. But there may be some sort of fitting in the way--that's interesting to hear about the LG's being in a big box.

I didn't see what's in the back there, but when the electricians come to look at our circuit, I'm going to have DH check and see what might be blocking it.

We like the dishwasher, so we don't want to return it (and we've used it, so maybe we can't. I don't know.

The cabinets are full depth--and the countertop is 26" deep, so the dishwasher *ought* to fit. Then again, I think we have some piping that runs across the back, and if the LG is a big box, we may be in trouble.

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