Better Late Than Never

suzanne_slSeptember 18, 2012

Although I've posted all sorts of photos of things in my kitchen, I never got around to posting a "finished kitchen." Hence, better late than never. In my defense I will say that I kept waiting for the ceiling trim and the light rail trim to be added, but it turns out that my DH is opposed to both. We'll see.

On the Finished Kitchens blog, you get to choose the size of your kitchen. Mine came in 5 sf over the "tiny" category, moving it up to "small." It is small, but of all the kitchens I've used over the years, I'd rank it at the top end of usable and convenient. I think it's having an opening at both ends of the L that does the trick. It also helps that the dining room is right the other side of the peninsula which keeps the space from being claustrophobic. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: My finished kitchen at

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I love your cabinets! Very nice and it seems really open without uppers. What size is the cab between the stove and fridge? Looks like you have a lot of storage in the peninsula?

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Small in space, but big in "richness"--perfect! Great job!!!

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I love your cabinet colors and the Kashmir Gold. It looks like you've got everything that anyone could want in your space. Very nice!

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deedles - yes, losing the over-peninsula cabs was a big improvement (although I kind of liked the cards and artwork we had stuck up there). The cabs to the left of the stove are 15". Can you tell that the ones to the right are only 14"? We needed to lose an inch on that run and that's where it came from.

Yes, tons of room in the peninsula cabs - love it!

All the "from here to there" photos are on the FK blog link.

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You forgot those magic words "Finished Kitchen" in your post title. What a great remodel, staying within the original footprint and all. Love your phone nook, your pretty wood cabinets, and your out of the box backsplash!

The cards and artwork will slowly make it back somewhere, won't they?

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Small but mighty! Almost missed your post! Glad that I opened-even if on my phone! Great web link!
Love your colors!
Are your uc lights GMLarc LEDs?
Our 99% done kitchen is 187 sq feet-wonder where that fits in the descriptions!

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Wow- what a transformation! World of difference without those uppers. I love the rich color of your cabinetry and your granite. Glad you are enjoying your new space.

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