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cparlfSeptember 19, 2012

We are finally ready to "break ground". Selected cabinets, flooring, counter top, back splash, architect work done. We decided to go with GE Cafe appliances, for many reasons. Not delivered yet, we are waiting until the cabinets are going in before delivery to time the two together.

Last weekend at HD, I saw a GE Cafe 25.1 CF french door model, the same model we bought but did not have delivered yet. The wide party tray drawer made an awful nails on a blackboard screech sound while opening. The floor rep said this was because it gets used so much on the floor. Does anyone have this model and can they comment? I may well cancel it and select another unit if this is the norm.....which I can't really imagine would be.....thanks!

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I've had mine for 2 years now and no, there is no nails-on-the blackboard sound. The only thing I had a problem with, and it probably was my incompetence, was trying to adjust the temperature controls to prevent freezing in the fridge. It took about a month to adjust it but everything has been fine since.

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Before buying my refrigerator I looked at all the french door models I could. I opened the drawers and doors etc. None match the quality and feel of the electrolux in my opinion. The price of the GE cafe and the Electrolux are comparable. I would check them out. The Electrolux have Metal freezer baskets, ball bearing glides. Just my humble opinion : )

The other brand I loved was the Samsung.

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Regarding GE Cafe appliances, I'll throw in my two cents. This will sound like a very, very, minor issue but I did not care for the badging on the red. I just didn't care for an all-stainless appliance with a red emblem on it. I know whenever you walk into a room, your eye is drawn to color, especially red. I didn't want people to notice that emblem as soon as they walk into my kitchen.

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I don't know about GE appliance badges, but I was surprised to learn that KitchenAid's are just stuck on. When one door panel on my new fridge had to be replaced (delivered with a small scratch), it came without a badge already attached. They gave me one to stick on. You might be able to pry yours off, if it's that big a deal.

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I have a GE Cafe Double oven and cook top that I LOVE. I will say that when testing out appliances in the store, the double oven also seemed to stick and feel difficult to open. The salesperson said the same thing- that it was due to being on the sales floor over a year with people constantly opening it. Low and behold, my oven opens perfectly.

That being said, I went with ALL GE appliances due to a large employee discount that we get. I did avoid the fridge however. I have not heard great things about GE and fridges so I thought best to avoid. I did go with the Kitchen Aid French door fridge. It is the best appliance in my kitchen and I love my Cafe cooktop and ovens.

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Just a quick note...I purchased a GE Cafe Electric oven, which I love and a GE Cafe dishwasher, which I hate. I have to scrub everything before I put it in or it comes out dirty. It leaves spots on all my plastic and never seems to dry out inside. It always smells damp. I also put something with b-bqe sauce on it to be washed and the dishwasher smelled like b-bque for days. I am fighting with PC Richard to return it and buy a different one.

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I will second what rtwilliams said about the Electrolux. We've had ours about 6 months and couldn't be happier. We shopped at a huge appliance store with all the brands, and the Electrolux just seemed better built than the others. The only complaint I could find about them was the ice maker, but that's on older models.

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