Scrubbing Bubbles & Cabinet Detail

CEFreemanSeptember 18, 2012

So I just saw this ad for Scrubbing Bubbles with Fantastic for the kitchen.

Wouldn't this be an answer to those who have detail on their cabinet doors, and are .. unhappy .. later with the cracks and crevices collecting dirt?

Have I just had another flash of brilliance (don't worry, it didn't hurt), or is there a reason not to use this?

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I used original Scrubbing Bubbles on the bathroom floor grout the other day and got some on the cabinets in there. The cabinets are old, so I didn't actually care if it took off a little finish. I also got some on the painted wall. It didn't hurt either of those surfaces, so it may well work fine on cabinets you actually care about. It did a pretty good job on the grout too, but the whole experience made me glad I don't have a tiled shower!

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Probably fine for newer finishes that are catylized like polyester or epoxies, but may do a number on old finishes like nitrocellulose lacquer. (and polyurethane is very tough finish, but principally a DIY or small-shop finish)

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I use it on about anything (except me and the dog).

the bad part is that at the cleaning product site linked to in a thread on here it rates an F I think. Unless I mixed it up with another SB product.

I guess I need to buy some more Simple Green.

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