Island drawers - Pleeze help!

jcsfcSeptember 4, 2013

We are remodeling and the current plan has two 22" 3-drawer base units. I am thinking that these drawers may be too small. I am hoping to store glass cookware there. What about one set of drawers 45" wide? Is this too big? I could even do a 4 drawer unit there. Opinions?

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You don't want to do 45 in. Lay out the interior dimension of the drawer and play with your glass cookware. 4 drawer doesn't require you to stack so high, but may not give you enough room for more that one dish high,,,,which may not be so bad. I wish I had gone with a 4 stack for storing my is so heavy that there is wasted vertical space because I don't want to overload the drawers with the weight of the dishes.

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Kristen Hallock

Do they make drawers 45" wide? I think that is too wide and the drawers will be compromised. I've read here that its not good to go wider than 36" for drawers. I think someone here has 39" or 42" though.

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I also agree that 45" is too wide. Are we talking about the drawers on the end of the island? How important is it to you that the two stacks be the same width? You could do a 30" 3-drawer stack plus a 14" (?) 4-drawer stack or any same-idea combo. I have some 28" drawers that I find are a very useful size for salad bowls, mixing bowls, and glass baking and storage containers.

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I would LOVE to have 45" drawers. Two of the lines I'm looking at go as wide as 48" (I'm settling for 42"). I think 24" is too narrow for the purpose of the drawers. If you're going to go wider than 24" but don't want to go as wide as 45", personally I'd opt for 36" and use the leftover for something else like a spice pull-out or tray cabinet. I think 14" drawers are useless (I have plenty of experience with them in my current apartment).

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There are brands that offer them and usually alter the specs which you really ought to do as they will get heavy. Still even though I have 3 brands that offer them I avoid them, but YMMV.

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Hmmmm. I am driving the KD crazy. On the other side of the island is seating for 2 stools. It will be tight but mostly for resale in about 4 years. So I could go perhaps 42" drawers. We are big on symmetry so I was trying to keep it symmetrical. I already have a 12" tray cabinet. Maybe the 36" with a 9" tray cabinet? How would that look compared to the 6 drawers? Definitely more usable space than those 22 " drawers. And should I go 3 drawers or 4 drawers on the 36"?

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I wouldn't do it, even if your line offers it. One point to consider here is the overall width of the island. Can you even reach the center of it to clean it? Just 45" by itself is about right for a width. Add in those other cabinets, and you're approaching using a mop to get to the center, plus losing a lot of unaccessible space in the center. And there doesn't appear to be a source of water on it so that you'll use it for prep space? I think the overall design has room for improvement.

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The most important thing is utility IMO. Depending upon how many other drawers you have and whether you have a place for baking sheets, etc., that is what would drive the design from my perspective. How big is the total island? If you have drawers on the ends, are the side drawers deep enough and useful? It looks like the ones facing the stove are the primary drawers...I think 45" is a bit too cavernous and things slide around a lot in something that wide. Maybe post a floorplan pic too to help us give feedback?

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I think most people can reach 30" to wipe down counters (unless someone is very short or has very short arms.) I can reach over 42", but I have long arms. Double 30" and the max island depth is probably 60" for the majority of people. That being said, unless you have a need for a large amount of workspace and your kitchen can handle an island that big, you probably don't need one that deep.

Do you have a better view to post? A "birds-eye view" would be better.

Is your island seating on the end by the refrigerator?

If so, is that aisle wide enough to allow seating on that should, ideally, by 54" wide to allow someone to be sitting there and allow someone else to get into the refrigerator or pullout the pantry cabinet at the same time?

How deep is the seating least 15" of clear knee/leg space, I hope (especially if you're doing this for resale).

Regarding your question about drawers that will be holding glass cookware - I would not go any wider than 30" b/c of the weight of glass cookware. I suppose if you can get heavy-duty drawer hardware that's rated for 100 to 150+ pounds - but I don't know if you can get them in full-extension - a "must have" (soft-close is a "nice-to-have").

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Blum heavy duty (125 static-110 dynamic) come full extensio- soft is a must with glass IMO

BTWi the majority of folks I run into prefer 12" oh at counter hgt despite the guidelines, even the tall ones. I think in part to get "more" in the space ;->

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"...BTWi the majority of folks I run into prefer 12" oh at counter hgt despite the guidelines..."

That's b/c they (1) don't know about the guidelines and/or (2) don't understand about comfort when sitting at an island. If they truly understood, they would go with at least 15"....and the guidelines are a minimum of 15", not average or maximum. Those 3" make a difference in leg room but they don't make a difference in being "more in the space". I wish we had done deeper than 15" - 18" would have been better.

In my experience, most KDs design to 12" or less from the get-go - especially those who don't know about the guidelines (i.e., cabinet salespeople, not real KDs). Even those who know better do it - and I suspect it has to do with clients who insist on an island even when their kitchen is not big enough for one. For example, my SIL - who now hates the seating so much that she's permanently removed the stools from the island. She has a 36" deep island with a 10.5" overhangs (no decorative door panel on the back, so she gained an inch) and a rather narrow aisle behind the island - around 3'. She wishes someone had told her about the guidelines - both overhang and aisle width.

Look at all those 36" deep islands KDs always seem to design - they only have 9.5" overhang when all is said and done: 1.5" overhang + 24" deep cabinets + 1" decorative door + 9.5" seating overhang = 36"

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Hmmmm....I think you meant to fit more in the space.... I interpreted it to mean to "get more in the space" as in more "part of the action".

So, I think we agree about people cramming an island in a space that really cannot support one....

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Yes we agree- it's perhaps the only guideline I'll push and every one of my clients is informed of the guidelines for that (as well as many of the others) and I often arrange for them to try it if that is what they want.
Since most are casual seating (we eat at the kitchen table which is 3-1/2 ft away) I don't see it as a problem for many. OTOH consistant use for dining deserves more...I don't get the common stadium approach to seating- formal DR, kitchen table, Island for 6, booth and a window seat for two people who entertain twice a year)

I refuse to do less than a 12" overhang though, you'll have to go to someone else. Also really a rare kitchen where I'll do less than 44" clearance behind or less than 42" work aisle. Lose an occasional job over it, don't mind :)
Apologies to the OP for the hijack. I owe ya one.

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