Faucet and Blanco sink from Amazon vs plumber

zaphod42September 22, 2013

We had our plumber quote out a sink and faucet for the upcoming kitchen remodel. I then found the same items on Amazon for quite a bit cheaper. Are they the same or are there different levels of quality? Professional grade, etc? I've heard that about fixtures, but don't know if its true. Is it okay if I order independent of the plumber or will that irritate him? Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

Part of a plumber's fee is contained within the markup of his materials. And most will not warrant third party supplied materials. If he installs a faucet and it leaks, he can swap it out and take it back to his supply house to send back to the manufacturer. If he installs your supplied faucet and it has a problem, then you pay him to come back out, and you deal with the hassle of either sending it off to the seller or contacting the manufacturer for replacement parts.

So sure, you can pay a lower price from an online supplier. But, it won't end up being cheaper, and you end up running the risk of it actually being MUCH higher in the end.

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