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momo7September 24, 2012

Sorry - I have no questions and my kitchen is not nearly done but I am so excited I feel like I may explode.

We went to look at the new house. I was expecting paint (Barley, thank you 2littlefishies, if you read this), I was hoping for floors but the cabinets are there as well! Without doors or drawer fronts - I hope that's not too weird to install them later.

18 more sleeps - I cannot wait.

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Nothing frivolous about that! The kitchen is looking terrific!! I'll be living vicariously through you and Fishies. LOVING the yellow!

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The light in that room is gorgeous -- makes the kitchen so warm and inviting! I can't wait to see more!!

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I can't wait to see more too. I love the yellow you picked. Floors and cabinets! You are making great progress.

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Three things.

1. Not frivolous by any stretch.
2. Completely normal for doors and drawer fronts situation
3. What a great surprise to discover
4. It looks great!! Barley is a great color. I cannot wait to see a finished Momo7 kitchen!!

OK. That was four things. Its early. :)

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Aww, thanks you guys. It's fun to share with someone.

For some reason it seems a blt dark in that picture. Well, it's not really a mystery - my camera has too many buttons that I don't understand. That doesn't stop me from pushing them.

This is the other side of the kitchen.

(thanks for the reassurance, breezygirl)

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Beautiful. I love your floors.

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Ooooohhhhh! Let's have some tea! It is so inviting, can't wait to see more. Congratulations, and please share anytime!

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Not frivolous in the least!

Love your floors and the color you picked. The white cabinets looks so pretty next to them. Is the Barley color Benjamin Moore?

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It looks wonderful! What a cheery color for a kitchen! It looks like you get morning sun (since it sounds like you took these pictures this morning); I can just imagine how pleasant it will be to be in that space on a lazy weekend morning with the sun streaming in..

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I agree with everyone's comments. The light in that kitchen is wonderful~ Love the windows and paint and floor. I'd be so excited, too!

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I never seen cabinets hung without taking off the doors and sometimes the drawers. Lighter, easier to lift, doors aren't swinging around on you, no chance of dinging up the doors, cabinets are ganged (screwed) together through the frames in most cases so getting the doors and drawers out of the way makes them more accessible.

Very normal way to install cabinets, looks great!

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I totally know what you mean Momo7. Our vanities began installation a few days ago, and I was so excited. After discussing and reviewing the details of them for months on end I finally got to walk in and see them (with paint and knobs). No longer are they floating in the cobwebs of my mind or on a CAD drawing. They are REAL! And they look better than I thought they would. I let out a big exhale.

I am now counting the hours til the kitchen cabinets and island get installed. I keep bugging my GC on which day they are coming. These moments make all the tedious moments, arguments, delays, and waiting very much worth it.

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We are all TKO, so we know how exciting each step is! No matter what you envision, there is always something that surprises, that's the fun part.

Looks great1

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You guys are the best! I have read so many posts like this and now I'm on the receiving end - well, I just feel like I'm walking on air. I may burst into song.

The windows face east and south - I really wanted a kitchen that received a lot of natural light to compensate for all the dark, dimly lit kitchens I've had in the past.

Thank you for all the nice comments. I just agonized over the flooring decision, as well as others.

sowega - yes, that is it exactly. I can't believe it's real and I'm going to get to live there.

sanjuangirl - yep, Barley is a BM (ha ha) colour.

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So far so good! Your kitchen is going to be fantastic. It is fun and exciting to see ones plans and ideas becoming a reality. Thank you for giving us a preview.

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Lovely! That is one really pretty yellow. How exciting! Always fun to have MORE progress than you expected. Hope the next two and a half weeks go quickly for you. Looking forward to some more photos!

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We love seeing pictures of progress. It is just like an appetizer- getting us salivating for the next course!
Looking beautiful so far and love the east/south orientation(we have same orientation but not quite as many windows)
Keep those pictures posting!!!
Posted from iPhone. Usual cryptic and text errors)

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