hickory cabs/green granite/layouts...it's all here for input!

Molly PhillipsSeptember 20, 2012

I've posted twice now about my kitchen but am putting it all in this post to get the most feedback.

Here is my orange (!) kitchen (actually copper). My issues:

- definitely have to replace the tile no matter what. Not sure what will blend with the hickory hardwood in adjoining rooms AND the hickory cabinets

- nothing we do will increase the value in our home - only my sanity - so I'm trying to stay within a $10k budget, which means trying to keep the granite (that I'm not that fond of - don't like the green undertones or how cool it looks to the warm wood cabs)

- was originally planning to add an island (see one layout option) but was convinced here that 37" between the outer cabs and island is not enough. Now am considering a peninsula but worried about the granite issue - don't really want to buy more of what I don't like but not sure I can incorporate a different counter with a peninsula that goes around the corner.

- have also considered painting the hickory cabs white to make the place more happy. I love kitchens that have happy summer colors and this current kitchen screams fall - yellows, oranges, deep reds, etc.

Okay, here are the photos, taken just this morning so maximum light is coming in. This first shot is taken from the garage door/utility room entrance. The dining room is behind that temporary island (please ignore that island - won't stay)

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Molly Phillips

This is a shot from the great room entrance.

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Molly Phillips

...and from the dining room entrance. Am considering nixing the breakfast table and putting comfy chairs there, then making the dining room more casual and eating all the time in there. The breakfast nook is right in the walkway between the utility room/garage door entrance and great room so it's kind of in the way.

p.s. I'm annoyed that I'm not technically savvy enough to print more than one photo at a time. Sorry about that! Also, you can see my lovely grout that's coming out of the tile floors. Attractive, right?

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Molly Phillips

And now the layouts (we're not doing the window seat in the breakfast nook that's shown so we can save some money.)

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Molly Phillips

..and one more layout option with an island that pretty much everyone says not to do. :) Hey, I live on the wild side and love to hear dissension.

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Wow these pictures look totally different from those in your previous post. The kitchen doesn't really look "fall" to me. IMO it looks pale and washed out. The cabinets and floor color just seem to blend together along with the wall color. I dont mind the countertops but I am biased there because they look like my verde peacock counters which I love with my natural cherry cabinets. ( you can see them in a post from this morning about cherry cabinets and countertops). I don't have any color suggestions at this time but I'm sure others will. You could also post this on the decorating forum for ideas.

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Changing the floor will help. I agree with badgergal that the colors don't look "fall." The wood looks like good quality, but it has a flesh tone that I couldn't live with. Unless you found a more pleasing, but not too dark, stain, I would rather see them painted. It looks like you don't have a window within the kitchen itself. Although I have white cabinets, I think other looks are just dandy. However, I'd want to keep everything on the vertical plane light and fresh looking. I think your counters look just fine. I think you're wise to establish a realistic budget. Good luck!

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I'm no expert, but I agree that the cabs, floor and wall color are all too similar. I don't mind the granite, and the cabs are not horrible either. I'm guessing the floor would be too costly to replace, so I would just start with painting the walls and see if that improves it enough for you. Personally I'm not a fan of peninsulas, as I don't like being closed in. I would just add narrow cart, maybe one with wheels.

That said I've got similar maple cabinets and I'm painting them a grey ish-green as soon as I finish the other house projects I've started.

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Is the lack of counter space between the fridge and the sink on the top drawing bothering anyone besides me? I realize not everyone uses a dish drying rack on their counter, but I do. From the way it looks, there is no room there for one. I wouldn't want to put it on the other side of the sink b/c that's the logical place to set all items slated for cleanup.

Have you gotten some paint swatches that you are interested in for the walls? Do you want to pick some colors from a favorite dish or piece of fabric that you really like, something that has that summery feel that appeals to you? Repainting the walls is the first thing I would do. I think it might really help the whole outlook of the room.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Candice always coordinates the floor with the counter for a more cohesive look, so if you don't want to go dark in the tile, at least do it on the diagonal with a small dark dot to coordinate with the counter...though personally, I think a dark floor would look great and help ground the space. I'd love to see that light hickory with some jewel tones...like a lovely deep teal....I think it would be smashing.
BM Ocean teal

I agree about the sink location...i'd swap with the dw to gain some space between the fridge and the sink. I'd also want to get rid of the angle by the prep sink...maybe dump the prep sink all together.

I like the 2nd plan better but hate having to run around the island to get to anywhere, esp in a space that isn't that big.

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Molly Phillips

Hollysprings actually suggested the fridge move over to the sink and adding the corner prep sink. It does make sense when you think about work zones - take food out of the fridge, put on peninsula to prep (using corner sink) and put in oven or on cooktop. I'm not sold on any of the layouts yet...still thinking, and may even be jumping the gun on keeping the granite because it may just not work out with the new addition, whatever that is.

When I find a fun pattern to pull from, it never seems to go with the green on the counter. The green (to me) is like a forest green, which screams jewel tones like Annie suggested. Thing is, Annie, my Fiesta plates that I collect are the turquoise/apple red/sun yellow/kelly green colors - none that really look great with the jewel tones. I hear you about the floor. Someone has posted some dark wood tiles that they're doing in a mud/stove room and that stuck out with me. I did also post over in the decorating forum to see if I get a different perspective as well.

The idea of painting the cabinets white comes partly from me wondering if the granite would look less "green" if the cabinets didn't have that orangey tone to them.

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Have you considered Marmoleum for the floor? It comes in lots of colors.

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Molly Phillips

@dekeoboe: I have, but only through reading this forum - I haven't seen any in person yet. Am interested in seeing it because all I can imagine are those cheap vinyl tiles I remember from apartment living.

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The space looks so much better in these photos, I don't think you need to do much, and you have some nice suggestions already. I would embrace the green without adding to it, so for the floor I would use slate tile that has the browns to echo your wood, a little coppery verdigris to echo the granite, and a little blue grey. This is a busy floor but while your granite has movement, to my eye it looks uniform enough to handle it. The rust colors may not be to your liking after your experience with copper paint - there are more subtle colors of slate.

I would recommend light greyish blue for the walls. I'm showing you Ralph Lauren paint in Lisbon Blue (RLVM279) in a 75% tone (a little brighter than the 100%). It's really important not to choose too saturated a hue.

Finally - you don't love your granite - why use it as a backsplash as well? You can still embrace it, while minimizing its presence by removing that 4"strip. This gives you room for bs tile, that will lighten and brighten beautifully. In keeping with the colors I chose, I'm showing you a glass mosaic tile with earth tones and light blues, lined with a grey green ("morning mist") glass tile.

The board below shows them all together. Obviously, this represents my tastes. If you have a favorite color, let us know. I'm sure someone will think of a way to incorporate it.

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Molly Phillips

Wow @EAM44 - that makes a big difference. I actually do love those blue tones but was afraid of mixing that with the green in the granite. That seems to do a pretty good job. Thank you so much for that.

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You're welcome! I'm happy to help.

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You're welcome! I'm happy to help.

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