stainless steel sink with bronz that a NoNo???

TeeBeeNOLASeptember 15, 2013

My light fixtures in my kitchen/great room are gold/bronze. My cabinet hardware will be similar - gold/bronze. My appliances are stainless. SO....the sink on my island....Driving me crazy. I like a stainless sink over a cast iron - I know Kohler warranty for chips etc. but I'm still worried abt that. Plus glass breakage in a cast iron, plus they just look dull and dingy over time (it's true). Bronze faucet? or stainless? Bronz or copper sink? mmm....No, that's alot of maintenance - drying it every time u use it. polishing out the "spots". My life is too busy to pamper my kitchen sink. Building a home has SO many questions. (btw after MUCH, MUCH thought and research going with BS 36" range w/ventahood, Bosc dishwasher, additional Fagor 24" walloven, Kitchenaide winecooler and fridge)

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Have you checked out in photos on Houzz to which look you like
better? I would probably to a SS faucet, but I don't think it would look bad with bronze.

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There's no problem with a cast iron sink provided you NEVER use Comet to clean it & purchase grates for the bottom just like you should purchase for a SS sink.

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I don't think I'd mix those two metals on a sink, a SS with bronze faucet.

Agree that the cast iron sinks become dull from using abrasives on them. SS sinks have their issues too.

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I don't think it's a problem. I think if you do a photo survey, you'll find a lot of stainless sinks combined with faucets in non-stainless finishes and it looks fine, especially when it is an undermount sink and the faucet is mounted on the countertop material.

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I just put in stainless steel sink with bronze faucets. came up. I narrowed the search to Kitchens and lots of photos came up. Because the faucet is in the countertop and no directly on the sink, it doesn't look bad at all. Check it out and see how you like that look!

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