Do you like your garbage disposal?

homeimprovementmomSeptember 24, 2013

I am really leaning towards a GD - batchfeed if I do go with one. I have a Barclays farm house sink and know that I cannot go with a Waste King because it is too long and I would have to cut out the bottom of my cabinet.

What works for you? What would you buy if you had to do it again ?

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I've never lived without one and would never want to...everything goes right down the strainer cup, scooping out wet, yucky stuff, etc....we've always had Insinkerators with no problem but for this remodel we went with a Waste King for some reason....don't like it as much as Insink...

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We have the 1 Hp ISE. Much quieter and disposes of bones and corn cobs!

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I've never not had one. Even though we use it much less frequently now (we compost more), it's still great for what ends up in the sink.

(BTW - what's batchfeed vs. other?)

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We like our insinkerator compact. Takes up less room but is not a batch feed. Why a batch feed?

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OK, I just checked out what a batchfeed disposal is, and can't imagine why I'd want one :-) (I like my air switch)

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I have the Insinkerator batch feed. I didn't want another hole in my counter since my sink is small, and I didn't want to move my existing electrical outlet closer for a switch. It was always just a little too far away. You just put the stopper on, give it a little turn, and the GD purrs away. It's not great at keeping the water in the sink for hand washing, and maybe it's not meant to be. I've been meaning to see if I can find a better sink stopper.

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I have a separate switch in my BS for the GD. In my previous kitchen, DH put the switch under the sink cabinet. The fake drawer on the sink base cabinet would flip foward and there would be the switch.

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If I didn't have my fiber optic switch, I'd prefer a batch feed, too, because I don't like any of the other switch locations. I used to have ISE batch feed, and it was great. You need at least 3/4hp, and 1hp is better.

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