Need your help ASAP

misha16September 10, 2012

I need your help again.

My counter top fabricator is willing to replace my conter top but wants me to sign liability waiver which I'm not comfotable to sign.Has any one sign liability waiver when installing big pieces of granite?My piece is 90x60 L-shaped weighting around 600 pounds

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Does he make everyone sign a liability waiver?
Is he not good at it?
Has he done it before?
What causes him to NEED a liability waiver?

What happens if you say no? Are you supposed to find your own installers?
Liability? Against bad workmanship?
I'm sorry, but this doesn't make sense to me.
If it's wrong, it's wrong. If they're asking to be released from responsibility from damaging your house? I'd reconsider.

I'd also get him or someone out there to make certain your cabinetry can support that weight. He should be installing it if they're not reinforced or strong enough. Is he predicting cabinet damage?


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She had a problem with her seam. See this thread ...

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Is it for the removal of the countertop being replaced? Is he concerned about possible damage to your cabinets?

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To Angela12345 this is my thread as well and because of the seam plus he screwed up sink reveal I'm asking for exchanging of the tops.
Supposedly his concerns are for slab beign this size can breake easily and for his employess cariing this slab but I told him I won't sign any waivers because high risk to damage my cabinets which he agree to so I will see
I do appreciate members of this forum for inputs and suggestions

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I did see the thread, and the seam in question.
I wouldn't sign, either. They've already done a bad job, why should you indemnify them at this point?

I still don't get what he thinks he's doing!

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