Modern country with a bit of rustic kitchen

pps7September 3, 2010

Well, it's never going to be done...but we're moved in and using the kitchen. Still working on accessories and no luck finding stools yet. Would love to hear suggestions. Thanks for all the help, ideas and inspiration.

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that's really beautiful. my favorite part is the triple windows that go down to the counter.

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laura mcleod

Gorgeous! I love your kitchen, it is so fresh, inviting and timeless. The details are absolutely lovely. You will enjoy that space for years!! What kind of style are you wanting for the bar stools? - (my fav modern pick is the Vapor stool from CB2 and my fav traditional pick is Parisian Cafe stool from Pierre Deux ). Congratulations!!

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That's one beautiful kitchen -- I'm sure you'll be very, very happy there! Love the floor, but then I love everything about it!


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Ooooh, how beautiful! I love the open shelving.

My first thought before I saw your dining table was the Madeleine stool from Restoration hardware, but with your dining chairs, that would be too much wood.

How about an upholstered parsons chair to coordinate with your host & hostess chairs?

The Great Indoors has one with slipcovers available in different fabrics.

There's a kitchen on Houzz that has something similar, I'll see if I can find the link.

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Beautiful space! Your stained built-in in the dining room is spectacular. Love the chandy and table/chairs there too. Enjoy your new home!

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What about something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Target counterstool

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I love your sink set up. Can you share details on the model for the sink, faucet,.. is that a hot water dispenser?

Here is my .02 on the bar stools. I think you can fit in 3 comfortably and I would recommend something a bit modern and something that spins. This will help the conversation flow with both people in the kitchen and the sofa area. A bit of metal will pick up the gleam of your appliances and make it flow.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hillsdale Adjustable Venus

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Wow! That is one gorgeous kitchen!!! Have fun cooking in there!

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I too like the idea of the upholstered bar stools as you have a lot of wood.

I love everything you've done! Great job!

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Gorgeous space--not just the kitchen, but the entire space! I too love the open shelves! But I think my favorite part is how you've so successfully accomplished mixing the classic white with the rustic stained dining cabinetry and furniture! I'm going to study your kitchen for a long time! Would you mind sharing where you found your beautiful dining room chandy? It's perfect for your space IMO! I'm sorry I don't have any barstool suggestions for you, but I do think the seagrass stools might be nice as they would pick up the texture of your rugs in the kitchen & dining room.

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Lovely kitchen! I would do a simple stool like this that would go well with everything. This stool's name is Grace and comes with lots of fabric and metal/iron picks. You could go fancier but might end up looking like the house of chairs?" target="_blank">

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Oh my, I really love it too! Love the hutch in the dr, it's perfect. What are your floors? Love them.

Have fun. Great job!

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Wow. Your kitchen/dining room is beautiful. Great job. I would love to see your whole house. Yes, what are your floors? Details!

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Looks fabulous! My personal fave in the stool department is the Tolix Petite Dossier available in a multitude of colors from Melissa @ Antiqueaire. On a cheaper note, there are the Tabouret stools in silverish from

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Thanks all. My favorite feature is the reclaimed elm open shelves.

A few details:

Wall color: BM gray wisp
Chandy: Ethan allen
Sink: shaw's 30" single bowl
Faucet: Moen Showhouse woodmere in stainless.
Cabinets: Shiloh Homestead inset cabinets in polar white. Dining room: Shiloh wyatt in acorn with mocha glaze
Floors: carlisle wide plank pine 8-12" in sturbridge brown.

As far as the barstools: I'd like armless with a back. I love the Target seagrass ones and that was my original choice, but DH vetoed them. I agree wood would be too much so maybe I'll try to get something industrial. The slipcover idea also appeals to me but I couldn't find the actual stool on the the great indoors website, only the slipcovers.

The quest continues!!

kaidan, I few pics for you.

Master bath:

Great room:


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I have got to say that your home is absolutely beautiful! I was going to comment on how much I loved your kitchen, but then saw the rest of your pics and every room is great. If you tire of your master bathroom, send it my way! Great job.

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Your kitchen (and the rest of your home)is just stunning! Another floor question - is Carlisle flooring prefinished or site finished and can you ballpark the price per square? We're just about to break ground on our new house and I'm still debating the floor.

I LOVE your master bath too. Everything is just perfect!

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Your kitchen is absolutely stunning, but your master bath is my absolute dream! That tub...sigh...I'm feeling relaxed just looking at that photo. Congratulations on your beautiful house!

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Yay! I've been admiring your house pics and waiting excitedly for the kitchen photos. They did not disappoint! It's beautiful. What kind of wood is your hutch? I love it!

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Beautiful job!

Are your range and hood the same size? We want to do the stainless up to the hood from our Wolf but our hood is 6inches bigger (as recommended) and I'm not sure about running the stainless at 42 in front of a 36 range. What are the sizes on your hood and range?

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pps7 - I had to call my husband over to show him the study. He nearly passed out - it is his dream study. Have fun filling up the shelves with fantastic reads.

I am laughing because I was looking at the lovely kitchen and was thinking x back stools and then I saw your dining chairs. Would you consider a painted wood stool as a colored accent? It would not have to be as bright as below, but in a fun color you love (green, red like the knobs :)

Here is an example. If it doesn't come in colors you can paint it yourself - you don't have to do red but it looks pretty fine.

Or if you like rattan - look at this link - the chair number CT 27 - it has a weave with a wood color and black that could look nice.

Or if you want padded do a search on parson stool - the clean line fully upholstered stool. I like this one because it is wood & fabric, but don't really like the vinyl (easy to clean though.) Maybe you could look for wood & fabric so you could get color or black and wood (not all wood.)

Don't think I am too crazy, I am looking for stools too.

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Very nice - particularly enjoy the use of gray with the elm wood and the white cabinets.

Wishing you many years of happy cookin'.

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sewmuch2, the Carlisle floors are finished on site. The cost is approx $14/sq foot installed. We choose to stain and put tung oil.

Nutherokie, the hutch is stained maple. I've been waiting for pics of your house. Would love ot see progress picture. How are things coming along?

amac514, our range, hood and stainless backsplash are all 60". I know it's recommended to go 6" bigger, but that range is already a beast and overwhelms the kitchen, I was hesitant to go bigger. We got the french burner option which is the hottest burner and it's in the middle, so hopefully it will function fine. So far so good but we haven't done much heavy duty cooking. We are hosting thanksgiving so that will be the true test.

Here are a few stool I'm considering (sorry I wish I knew how to imbed links):

Something industrial like this:

This one in the italian green:

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Pps7, I couldn't get the link for the Ballard stool to work, but went through their pics and the only one that I could find offered in Italian green is the Trattoria--is that the right one? I've linked the Trattoria (I'd link both but can't figure out how to add a second link).

Everytime I see a Carlisle floor my heart skips a beat--they're so incredibly beautiful!! We want to replace our worn out wood floor and extend the wood into the rest of the downstairs (except laundry & bathroom). I'm just not sure Carlisle is in our budget--but we'll wait and see. In the meantime, I'll just keep drooling over yours! ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ballard Trattoria

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I LOVE the one from RH!!!

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Your house is lovely! I hate to ask as I'm sure you're super busy finishing all the details, but if you have a chance could you give the dimensions/measurements of your kitchen?

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Thanks for the info on the hutch, Pps7. You're so sweet to ask about our progress. It has really slowed down. I'm having to live vicariously through you and the other new home folks. I just posted a few pics on the building forum, but there's not a lot to see.

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Love your kitchen! It has a lot of the elements I am going for in the kitchen, even down to paint color (RH silver sage) and the RH aubrey pulls!

It gives me a great visual of how the whole thing will come together.

Your master bath is perfect!


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rexroat, the kitchen is about 11 x 20.

amac514, we did some cooking over the weekend and the 60" hood worked fine. Any high heat cooking is done in the middle of the range with the french burner and griddle.

BTW, DH loves the french burner.

Lessons Learned:

-I love the full extension drawers with soft close. They are defiantely worth it.
-I love the pantry cabinets with pull outs.
-The pullout trash by the prep sink is smaller than the pullout by the clean-up sink. I wish these were reversed.
- The open shelves are great. You can just grab a plate or cup as needed.
-With the windows coming down to the counter, I'm glad I bumped out the kitchen sink. None of the sink water reaches the window. I LOVE the window coming all the way down. An idea I got from GW.
-I'm dissappointed with my Miele dishwasher. We got the basic model. It doesn't even have a time delay. It's not super quiet and it doesn't clean that well. There's some type of residue on my glasses. I do love the layout, and we are running is less often as it holds so much more stuff.
-I love the crate and barrel cutting board suggested by a fellow GWer.
- I love hiding my toaster oven in a cabinet and the island works well as a landing area for the toaster oven and microwave. This was a concern of mine.
- I's so happy I didn't let the KD convince me to move the range 6" to the left. He said no one would ever notice that it wasn't centered on the island. Consider the open floow plan and how the range/hood, pendants and chandelier all line up, I definately would have noticed.

Overall the kitchen is functioning very well.

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Is your rug under your table a seagrass rug? If so do you mind sharing where you got it and what size is it? It looks like it has mitered corners as opposed to the ones I'm looking at in Pottery Barn.

Also are you happy with it? I've never owned one but would like to put it under my dining room table.


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How did I miss this kitchen? What an awesome space. Love it. I also agree with Sabjimata about the Tolix stool from Antiqueaire. Of course that is one of my favorite websites anyway. Once again, Amazing Space!

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pps - can I ask a question on your master bath? I think I read a post of yours from a while back that you got a tub package from Am I remembering correctly? Anyway, we're considering a tub package from there and just wanted to know how it all worked out. Is that a Randolph Morris tub and faucet? What do you think of the quality? Any issues or concerns or trouble installing? Thanks!

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irishcreamgirl, the rug is seagrass 8x10. I ordered it from overstock. I'm happy with it. It's not soft underfoot but it's ideal for under a dining table.

louisianapurchase, can you believe, we still don't have barstools! Now I'm in trouble b/c we are hosting thanksgiving and will have 9 family member staying with us. Those Tolix stools are gorgeous!! But it would cost me $550/stool shipped and I'm not sure we can swing that. But I will look for something industrial that's a bit a more affordable.

aokat15, we did order our tub from vintage tub. It's the sunshine 68". The whole process was super easy. We also got the sunshine hardware and it's very pretty. I'm only used the tub once, but I love it!

So if anyone has any ideas of stools, I'm all ears. Looking for something counter height, with a back but armless, for approx $200/stool. I'd prefer somthing vintage/industrial looking.

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How pretty! I love that quiet, cool blue. Love the open shelving, the wall of cabs by the RF, the wonderful view outside, the china cabs⦠Outstanding!

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Super job! May I ask what brand your windows are and if you are happy with them?

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I love this! Especially the open shelving. It has a really nice warmth to it!

What about those chairs made out of metal that look like tractor seats? They are backless though. It think they come from

Your blue colored walls are gorgeous!

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Willow did an entry in her blog on industrial bar stools back in '09. Hope it helps you find a counter stool you love!

Here is a link that might be useful: Industrial barstool blog

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Check out Crate and Barrel for several industrial looking armless barstools. Here are mine and I love the way they look. They are a bit cold feeling when sitting on them and we had to add cushions.

Here is a link that might be useful: page of crate and barrel barstools

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I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! Great job!

Where did you get that table??-it is exactly the rustic look I want!

I vote for really vintage, industrial looking architect/drafting stools. I think they would work b/c they'd be right next to all the rich wood in the dining area. Dueling yet complementary textures....

Enjoy that fabulous space,

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Katieob, Thanks you. That means alot to me as your kitchen in my inspiration file! The table is from a local English shop, it's made from salvaged teak from India. Good luck on your quest. We looked for quite some time and got lucky with this one as we needed 8' and it was the perfect size.

Here are a few we considered:

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Thanks pps7~

I really love that one from Viva Terra. Cute stuff on that website.

We have our house on the market and am hopeful that I'll get to do a kitchen again in our next home-so now yours is in my inspiration file!

Thanks again,

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Oh. My. Gosh!


And the icing on the cake.....that gorgeous view out the kitchen window.

In awe here.

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pps-Do you mind if I ask if your reclaimed elm shelves were a custom job? If not, where did you get them? Also-are they floating? (I can't tell from the pics)

You kitchen is such a beautiful mix-I love it.

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Hello again! I finally bought counter stools-The Turner from C&B.

Carters5, the windows are Windsor Pinnacle glad. We are happy with them so far, but both my son and DH have allergies so we rearely open them.

leela4, the shelves are from Elmwood;I've linked the website below. They are very, very rustic. I was worried how they were going to look, I didn't expect them to be so beat up with splinters, holes etc. But once they were up, they looked great. We wanted to create the illusion that they were 'floated'. We used L brakcets, cutting out the drywall and screwing them straight into the studs. We then mud over them and painted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elmwood

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pps7 - if you still check in... would you mind sharing where you got your x-back dining chairs? Thanks!

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