mjsee's counter woes...(pics)

mjseeSeptember 26, 2012

I know this too shall pass...but I think they counters they GOT put in yesterday are going to have to come out...and be re-worked. I wish I'd BEEN here when they went in. I was at work and DH was on a conference call and couldn't supervise.

The counter I REALLY needed to go in yesterday, so the range could be installed, had a scratch on it. They took it back to polish it. The rest of it? Well...I don't THINK I'm being too picky.

This seam looks bad to me:

And this doesn't look right to me:

From Counter woes

The good news is...it's going to be gorgeous when it's all finished.

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Yeah, your seam does look kind of rough. And are those some kind of grinder or sander marks on the edge? Yikes.

In a perfect world...

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Is there something dark on both sides of the seam, or am I seeing things?

Yes, that edge looks like an 18 wheeler side swiped it.

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GC came by. He says all will be made right. (He also shook his head at the counter guys.) He said the seam needs more epoxy. (The darkness on either side is a photograph artifact and not their IRL.) The grinder marks they can buff out on-site--but they should have done it BEFORE they brought it.

Still don't know when I'm getting the rest of my counters...probably next week. Hope they give me enough notice so that I can schedule my range install. (Had to put that on hold because the installer won't do it until the counters are in place.)

Murphy's Law has been in full evidence with this remodel. I think I must have been a naughty person in a former life...

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Should have noted the material--Counters are Lagos Blue Caeser Stone. Which is actually in their "rich browns" group. Don't know WHY they named it Lagos Blue. DH fell in love and insisted on it. He seldom has an opinion, so when he does...I agree. Nearly fainted when they told me the price. We WOULD fall in love with one of the higher grades of CS. ;^)

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