Granite countertop do and donts

rocks911September 7, 2012

I am wanting to have my kitchen countertops replaced. I would like granite, a darkish granite because I have white cabinets. I have several leads for installers, everything from large retail companies to someone my barber recommended.

I'm looking for the dos and donts from people that have been there and done that. I dont know why but for some reason I have a certain amount of trepadation about this project.

I have a dark slate kitchen floor that was kind of a nightmare itslef. I had to have it installed twice. The first crew were all about slapping it down to get paid, it was a mess and I had to eat a certain amount just to get them to take it up and get out of my house. So maybe thats the basis for my countertop fears.

So any thoughts before I take the plunge?

Or, can somebody recommend a good installer in the Dallas area?

Thanks in advance.

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You're looking for a "fabricator." Unlike the floor guys who just arrive and install the product, a fabricator is responsible for figuring out how best to take a large slab of granite and cut it up to fit your counters. This includes matching the pattern across any needed seams, following not-straight walls, and making correct cutouts for the sink and possibly the range top. On the artistry side, it also means sizing up the pattern in the slab and envisioning how the parts cut out for use will look best in place. A fabricator will also grind the edges to make a good finish, but this isn't usually a problem area.

You'll need to talk to references. Go back in the threads and read some of the many stories of how granite counters went wrong to become familiar with some of the potential pitfalls - anything from fly-by-night work to don't-really-have-the-tools-or-talent. Don't be scared off by these tales, just use them as second hand experience for how to avoid similar situations. Look at how many beautiful installations so many of the people here have! Taking the time to find the right person to do your job is well worth the time and effort - - although shopping for the perfect slab is much more fun.

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Don't forget the threads where it's actually someone who won't say out loud "I chose the cheapest and got what I paid for". And now they want to fix it ... for free.

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