Order of Kitchen Remodel

uftvnewsgalSeptember 21, 2013

Hi there! I have searched this topic, but can not find the answer to my specific question.

We are not demo-ing the kitchen, but more of a small redo. The floors have already been installed. So, I plan to do the following things: Paint existing cabinets, have granite and new sink installed, install subway tile backsplash. I also plan to replace appliances, but they are the same size as existing ones.

I can not figure out which order to do these. Can you offer some advice? Thanks!!

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Paint the existing cabinets
Have the range at least in place for the templating of the countertops.
Template and install the countertops
Install the backsplash.

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I agree with palimpsest, except with having the range in place at template. It's just in the way. You know the dimensions.

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I would have the range there for templating - yes, you might know the dimensions, but having the real deal on site is important. You never know. I raised this issue with my template guy and he told me that if I could have the range there, it's always better.

It was important for me because I was changing from a slide in electric range to a slide in induction range - back and sides were different. Better to be safe than sorry, IMHO.

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Some fabricators will insist the range and DW are on site. Mine moved the range into the place and templated.

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