Storing food items in base cabinets

czarinalexSeptember 21, 2012

We are doing a minor renovation to our kitchen. We'll be adding an 6 foot island. I'd like to store food items(cans, bottles, boxed items, etc) in the island. Any pictures to share so I can visualize what kind of drawers/doors I should be looking at?

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No pix, but my 12" wide vertical pullout is excellent for keeping bottled condiments, vinegars, oils, etc., very accessible at point of use.

Mine's Ikea and the tall bottom shelf pulls out with the door, then 2 other shelves above pull out separately. I was afraid I wouldn't like it, but it's been excellent. The top shelf is shallow and holds lots of those little things like plastic containers for garlic and shallots, tubes of wasabi and anchovy paste, packets of gelatin and yeast, sauce thickeners, etc., etc.

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Thanks Rosie! I'll be going to Ikea sometime in the next few weeks to look at their cabinets and accessories. I'm thinking of all drawer units but what you describe sounds interesting. I'll be sure to take a look at them.
Anyone else with pictures? Please?

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you could do a drawer similar to this one - have either 'side' open a bit (could use a dowel rod along each side to keep them in place) so you can easily see what you have (or don't have). have a 'regular' (pretty much) drawer space between the 2 to store large jars, bottles, cans (v8 juice, other juices, drinks).

some on here store their can goods in drawers and even dry goods. You could have a pasta/noodle drawer, 1 for mixes (store on their sides so you can still easily see what it is).

you could use a drawerstack similar to this one for snacks? canned drinks on the bottom, chips etc in the top drawer. Or just 2 separate regular drawers for them.

I'm hoping to have a 'drawer' like the bottom one (a bit shorter) w/no 'inner upper drawer' for 2L pop bottles and gallon water jugs.

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