I'm in love with Lavina

marti8aSeptember 24, 2012

Meet Lavina.

I worked for hours, maybe even days getting up the tile from the kitchen floor. Then I was left with this

But then dh was introduced to Lavina, and he brought her home for a visit. It wasn't love at first sight. She's a big girl. A big, heavy, girl, and she doesn't like to be trifled with. I think she broke dh's finger when he tried to push her around. He needs an x-ray.

But then she started having her way with my floor, and I fell head over heels in love with her.

We pulled out the washer, dryer, refrigerator, and freezer and I finished pulling up the tile under them, and then Lavina cleaned up.

She doesn't do corners or edges, so I still had to use a chip hammer. But that didn't seem to take long.

And then, we put the oven back in! But then we took the sink out. So I'm still without kitchen except a sink, micro, and crock pot in the office.

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Ahh, a musical is coming into my head...

"Lavina, I just met a girl named Lavina..."

Lavina is Da BOMB!! Wow I wish I had had my very own Lavina when we pulled up our tile...Sometimes good things come in big packages. We can't always Judge a book by it's cover. Big girl walkin'.

We had a vacuum named Rowenta when we lived in Turkey, and she was 220 volts of pure unadulterated suck. I loved her so much, especially when the kerosene heaters would blow up and disseminate fine greasy ash over every surface in the room. We would start at the doorway and just let her slurp it all up (ceiling, floor, counters). She had a lil sis who ironed, and let me tell you what 220 will do for wrinkles...WHew!!

"Lavina, I just kissed a girl named Lavina...."

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Well, helloooooo Lavina....

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Oh claybabe, you will love this. Lavina came with Ermator, a huge vacuum that attached to Lavina with two Hepa filters. Lavina left dust on the floor, but very little in the air. Most of it was sucked up by Ermator, and deposited into a trash bag.

It was still a lot of work, but 2 days with this pair saved us at least 40 hours work.

Last night I told dh that sometimes it's a good thing that there are only 2 days in a weekend.

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Glad to see that you are keeping a good attitude during this stressful time. Hope it's all downhill from now on.
Does Lavina charge by the hour? Does she charge extra for Ermator? And just how is a menage a trois? :)

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More like menage a quatre since it took both of us to keep them going. lol

I think Ermator is her usual travel companion, and they probably charge by the day or by the job. But since she is the friend of a friend, she helped us out of the goodness of her heart.

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Aren't you glad you were introduced to her?! Looks great.

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Ahhhh Ermator is a Handsome devil, it is No wonder Lavina was so enthralled. I swoon for him myself.I am a little concerned about the financial relationship, but I guess if they are partners and you are consenting....

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That is fantastic. What a lot of saved labor. And probably a better result, too. Good going!

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Marti- LOL! The floor looks great...congrats on getting so much done, this weekend :)

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"she helped us out of the goodness of her heart."

oh, you are so blessed! otherwise, I bet she charges a lot!

so glad your floors have finally straightened out.

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Oh, I did a bad, bad thing.... Have been using and very much enjoying our Roomba but have had a few minor issues. Received our replacement, this past weekend, and decided to use the old machine to clean up in the room where we just ripped up carpet over a cement foundation.....So nice to just send the Roomba in... Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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