Modern Aire PSL 600, damper or backdraft damper? Xpost

marti8aSeptember 14, 2012

I posted this on the appliances forum but haven't received any replies.

I know I read a discussion on the appliance or kitchen forum about something that goes on the roof and makes a bend downward to keep air from making the damper flap when the wind blows. I can't find that post, but the vent was something like this roof vent.

I already have the PSL 600, and the HVAC guy came today to see what was needed to put in the duct. I don't know how many, if any, of these he has done. He sure seemed to write a big supply list before he left: (2) 12" adapters (I think it was adapter he wrote), 10' of 8" single thickness duct, damper, roof housing, and flashing.

I asked him what kept the damper from flapping and he said he didn't know.

I asked him what kept water from condensing in the vent pipe and he said the blower would remove all the moisture so there wouldn't be any to run back in.

I asked him if the duct they installed would fit inside the collar on the liner, or on the outside and he said it didn't matter, we would just screw the two together whichever way it fit best.

Does all this seem right to those of you who have been through it?

This was the ONLY place I found who would install the ductwork, so I don't have a lot of options about who does it, but I can give them as much information as I can find.

Will one like I posted keep the wind from making the damper flap or do I need a spring loaded one?

And if this is enough, do you know what other parts the HVAC company really needs?

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We installed a roof jack like that for our vent hood (we installed the whole Vent_A_Hood). Besides what we got from Vent_A_Hood, we had to buy guts (ducting to go to the roof). The guts cost $90 and the jack was about $50, I think.

As for flapping, I haven't heard any.

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Wow, the rough estimate the HVAC gave me yesterday was between $350 & $450 but the company is supposed to call with a real estimate.

I got a call today from the company and the lady said they can't find a roof vent or jack (new one to me) in 8", only 4". I asked if they had ever installed a duct for a vent hood before and she said yes, but not this size.

As popular as the Modern Aire is on this forum, I can't believe it's so hard to find the parts. I had sent them the same link and asked if they could order from there, and she said she called that company and was told she had to buy from their local distributor and the local distributor only carried 4". But they gave her another name and she'll call it Monday.

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