correct dishwasher cycle for Pods

hondaaceSeptember 15, 2013

I have an older GE Potscrubber dishwasher. It works great. It has two cycles, normal and Potscrubber. It has two holes for detergent, the "normal" one with a cover that swings shut. And a smaller one without a cover, for the Potscubber setting / extra detergent.

I want to try the Finish Quantum power gel pods. The instructions say to use the main detergent compartment, with the cover. So, there won't be any detergent in the smaller hole designated as the Potscrubber area.

Do I just use the "normal" setting to wash dishes? Or would there still be some benefit in using the "potscrubber" setting, even though there isn't any detergent in the smaller potscrubber detergent hole?

It seems just having the extra cycle of super hot water would still provide extra cleaning.


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A friend, who just had her dishwasher serviced, was told by the technician to never use the pods. They evidently screw up some dishwashers. He also mentioned that we're all using way too much detergent, which accounts for much of the film on glasses.

He recommended only lining the one cup with detergent and always using a Jet Dry type of product.

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That is weird. We were told is best TO use the pods by the dishwasher service guy.

I don't know about the potscrubber cycle though - I always just scrape the worst of the gunk off first and then run a normal cycle.

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I use Quantum Finish capsules, not gel pods - they have powder and a power ball in them. I put it in the main compartment of my KA dishwasher and leave the other one empty. I've used the Pots and Pans cycle as well as the normal cycle and this works out fine. I've also used them in the short cycle and have had no problem with the capsule dissolving.

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I have a newish Bosch. The installer/service guy told me the Quantum Powerballs were great. When I told him I still had a bucket full of Cascade Complete, he said, oh they're great too. I don't see a lick of difference in how they get my dishes clean (very clean). No streaks, no film, NO ETCHING!!!

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thanks for the replies! I used the normal cycle last night and everything is clean. Think I'll skip the extra potscrubber cycle for now and maybe save a little water and electricity!

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