Problem replacing over-the-range microwave

alisandeSeptember 5, 2013

My 10-year-old Whirlpool Gold over-the-range microwave is dying, and I'm looking around for a replacement.The problem is that my existing microwave measures 29-5/8" across and just fits into the space, and every microwave I've seen online is slightly bigger.

They're bigger all over, actually. My present one is 15.5" high, but most of the ones I've looked at are at least 17". The height doesn't worry me, but the width does. There's no room for even an extra quarter-inch. Did everything get sized "bigger and better" in the past 10 years?

Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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There should be a standard 30" wide cabinet above to which your OTR MW attaches to. Now, if someone customized the cabinet to fit your old MW exactly yes, you'll have a problem. They are designed to fit under a 30" cabinet, with a small amount of clearance around them.

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Shoot--I'll bet that's what happened, GreenDesigns. The microwave and cabinets were installed at the same time.

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Alisande, the AJ Madison site is listing a Maytag model that is only 29.5" wide, the Maytag MMV6180W. The reviews seem generally favorable, so that might be worth a try.

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Akrogirl, thanks! I went there (more precisely, here) and read the width as 29 15/16".

Interestingly, the AJ Madison site also has my existing microwave (although I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued and not available), and the specs say it's also 29 15/16" wide. I've measured it with both a yardstick and a Stanley tapemeasure, and both times I got 29 5/8". But the specs say to me that I might be able to use another microwave with similar specs.

I think I need to get contractor over here before I pick out a model.

Thanks again.

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