Mixing wood trim and wood cabinets?

junicbSeptember 29, 2012

Part of our kitchen renovation will involve removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The rest of the first floor has the original, dark-stained trim. In the kitchen, we had been planning on vertical grain fir lowers and painted uppers.

However, I was not considering the impact of opening the two rooms to each other. Now the wood floor, original wood trim, and VG fir cabinets will all be visible together. I fell in love with VG fir, so I'm not sure I can think objectively about whether it's really a good fit for the overall look of the first floor.

Can anyone share some photos of contrasting wood trim and cabinets? (Please excuse the slightly blurry photo from my phone below.)

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I don't have pictures, but I LOVE the VG fir in yours. I am one who mixes wood a lot, so it wouldn't bother me. And because it's the lowers the impact will be less.

What color are you thinking about painting the uppers? (Curious, because I'm thinking about natural cherry lower and painted uppers.)

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I think those two woods look great together!

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I just realized the panel is leaning against the molding. I think they look great together too.

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We have a mix of woods in our house and think it looks just fine. :-) Our flooring is natural white oak, stairs are natural red oak. Doors and trim, and stair rails are Golden Oak stained red oak and our pine (Andersen) windows and trim were stained to match the doors. The only window that has different trim, is the kitchen window. Because it is sandwiched between our cherry cabs (which have a 25% or quarter-cut Harvest Gold stain), we opted to match the cabs for that window (our cab manuf actually supplied, and stained the cherry trim to match the cabs, and the pine window frame was stained to match as well).

We have natural black walnut furniture in our DR--somewhat open to the kitchen.

The only thing I'd do differently today, might be to use a less golden/orange, more neutral stain for our doors, trim, windows. Otherwise, I like the way all the wood tones, grains, and colors harmonize together to create a happy, woodsy palette!

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We also have different woods/stains in our house. Mostly in the kitchen. Some people like the look, others not. Our granite seems to bring all the wood colors together. So you may want be on the lookout for something (could be anything) that harmonizes the woods.

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I've always had different woods. Never knew until years after my own place, that it wasn't "done" certain places. Well, based upon all the compliments backed up with copying my free style? I'd say I'm doing fine.

I also like that beautiful woodwork with your cabinets. I had to go back to look, it's so easy together.

The only thing I don't care for is blonde wood. Never have. That's one of the reasons I just don't seal my maple BB counter top. Gotta darken it! :)

Like your cabinets.

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another one

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Thanks to everyone for the replies. Decision making was much easier when we were months out from demo - now that we've signed a contract I can't seem to make a decision without endless agonizing.

Caseyrose - our kitchen is small and lacks significant natural light. We're hoping that by painting the uppers a light neutral color, we'll make the kitchen feel larger and brighter.

AngieDIY - thank you for the photos!

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