Toaster Recommendation? Dualit Reviews???

2LittleFishiesSeptember 29, 2012

I never had a toaster (only a toaster OVEN). Any recommendations for 4 slice toasters? The Dualit looks nice (comes in yellow!) but is pricey. Before spending that $ I'm wondering if any of you have experience with the Dualit.... OR if you have another recommendation in yellow or chrome?


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Hi 2LittleFishies--

I know that you've looked at all the old GW threads on Dualit toasters!
But for others, I wanted to link to this informative thread.
As you know, the reviews are mixed.
But it is one great looking toaster!

Here is a link that might be useful: GWebbers on Dualit toasters

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OMG I'm sorry. I didn't search it. I did read all the Breville ones.
Thank you!

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I bought the Cuisinart that looks vintage with a coupon. It works great and looks nice. I like a good piece of toast and would have spent more but for the cost of the D or B it would have to do more than make toast!

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Hi 2LittleFishies --

I'm back again.
Let me know if you figure out anything interesting about the Dualit.
The reviews online are among the most bimodal reviews I've ever seen.
Half the people who post on line love their Dualit;
the other half report that it is a piece of junk.

I can't yet figure out if the "lovers" have older models
and the "haters" have newer models.
But it that is the case, it would account for the reviews.

Does anyone know if Dualit has changed their manufacturing process
or business model in the past few years?
Perhaps to meet American demands since their toasters in the past decade have become a favored prop for kitchen design magazines?

Or, are people who plunk down 300 dollars for a toaster
simply more picky about their toast!

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I have a Dualit 4-slice. I like it well enough. I know it ain't gonna die on me, but some days I wonder if that might be a bug, not a feature.

I've only had cheapo, really old toasters before so I've no comparison to better, modern ones. But when I only want a single slice of toast, I think the Dualit may not be quite the best thing since its main advantage is that it will crank out perfect toast all day by the dozens, after it hits its stride temperature-wise.

I got mine at the W-S Outlet store in Leesburg as a return/open box item (refurbed and with full warranty) about 15 years ago, so since it was also much, much, cheaper than full retail -which I would never have paid, to be candid - I can't complain. It works quite well (once it gets its a** in gear) and will make fantastic toast, for hours on end.

I don't find the sandwich basket thingy as useful as I thought it would be (can't even remember the last time I used it.) And the slots on the Dualit, while wide enough for thickish slices, are not overly large and some commercial sliced bread loafs need to be trimmed to fit, or they can get hung up in annoying ways. I make my own toasting loafs specificlly to fit the toaster so now thats less of a problem.

One good attribute (for me) is that it's also completely repairable - when I had a small problem my DH was able to order parts from NJ and install them easily.

If you have a W-S outlet near you, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for one on sale.


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liriodendron- Thanks for your post! What is W-S?

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W-S is Williams-Sonoma.

Alas, they don't have an outlet store in NJ.
At the link below they list the nearest outlet stores in NY and CT.

Here is a link that might be useful: Williams-Sonoma Outlet Stores

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I bought the 2 slice (in red) this past April. I'd wanted one 10 years ago, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on such an expensive toaster. Eventually bought a Toastmaster, and it functioned well enough, if not perfectly.
This year when it started to show signs of age I started researching again and was torn between the Dualit and the Breville. Kept both in my Amazon shopping cart until I caught a temporary price reduction on the Dualit (it was back up in price the next day). Haven't regretted it. Its the best toaster we've owned. It does need to warm up a bit - the first slice(s) take longer than subsequent ones.

Can't speak as to quality changes over the years. Ours seems to be well built. The style has changed slightly. A friend who bought one several years ago has controls that look like the yellow toaster you posted, whereas ours look like the one on the chrome picture.

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Does it toast taller slices of bread? Despite experiments, my breadmachine loaf always ends up taller than my toaster.

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I used a 4-slot Dualit daily for more than 15 years. It was very reliable and the toast never flies out. The lack of a spring setting makes it much longer lived IMO. It was the older model so it did one thing -- toast -- slowly and fairly (not perfectly) evenly. But I could do tiny pieces of bread which rest on the lever. It also did cake slices well.

I still have it but I also have a Cuisinart toaster and prefer that for a couple of reasons. I feel the Cuisinart toasts only slightly more evenly. But it has buttons for reheat, cancel and a bagel setting (which I never knew anything about since the Dualit is so low-tech). On the down side it has a spring mechanism so I don't expect it to live very long. When it dies, I'll go back to the Dualit which is put away and will be an old friend when it comes back.

I have no complaints about the Dualit and even though it was very costly it is hard to find another dedicated toaster (not toaster oven) which can provide such good service for as many years as a major appliance -- or longer.

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Maybe you've noticed but your inspiration picture has a Dualit on the counter.

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Great color - I don't have a real toaster either, so can't comment on the actual toaster...

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That toaster is the perfect color. Sometimes....ya just gotta splurge for the absolute perfect accessory. Now, if you keep it in the cabinet then you need to think about it.

This one is not as perfect in color, but I thought of you...

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Deonghi

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Make that Delonghi..

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Thanks for all your comments!

enduring- I actually missed that! duh : )

bee- Yes, I've seen that one but I think it only comes in 2 slice. I do love the dualit yellow but in the inspiration pic the chrome looks great too : )

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And now for something completely different. Today I bought a vintage (c. 1930) Sunbeam toaster at an antiques marke. It is fully manual (LOL) but it makes the greatest toast I have ever had. And the art deco design is amazing. It is going to look great on my new counters in a few weeks!

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Circus Peanut

Mmmmm nycbluedevil, love those old Sunbeams. I had one for years and like an idiot gave it away when I moved cross-country.

We have a yellow 2-slice Dualit and love it. It toasts the best hamburger buns on earth. We love the way you can check your toast as often as you like without disturbing the heating element.

The Dualit does a vastly better job than our older Cuisinart 'retro' chrome model, which was awful and couldn't keep a steady temperature. In fact now that I think of it, the Dualit does the best job since my old Sunbeam. So take that for whatever it's worth.

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I also have a 14 year old dualit, 4 slices chrome ; it's a slow toaster, which I see as a good thing because it dries up the bread a bit more than a fast toaster,
I like my toast on the dry side. The sight of it still makes me smile.

When I furnished my florida condo 2 years ago, I got the 4 slice Breville which is fine, but it's a bit massive.

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I looked at the Dualit a couple? years ago and, from what I remember of online reviews and I'm sure the thread here :) , the newer Dualits have had electronics added so it doesn't take them so long to get up to temp like the old ones as Liriodendren said hers does.

I ended up getting the Waring 2 slot 4 slice toaster in chrome and it's worked out very well. Its downside is if your bread is curved rather than flat, the edges will get far more done more quickly than the inside of the "curve", so to speak. Otherwise it defrosts well, even onion buns, the temp adjustment is good (DH likes his toast far more done than I do), and I can toast brat buns on the top easily.

But that yellow Dualit *is* fabulous with your kitchen!


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Wow, what a big toaster pic! Almost "actual size".


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Sounds like you're really wanting a Dualit, but if you are considering another make, I purchased a 4 slice Viking a few years back and am very pleased with it. It does also come in a few colors, although mine is chrome and black.

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I've got the newer electronic one in a 4 slice. Gave our older 2 slice model to our son (who made fun of me for spending $200 for a toaster, yet had no hesitation on taking it for free). With the older model, it was always a good idea to sort of warm up the toaster before you put in the 1st slice. Toast came out more even. Newer model has a bagel setting and an off setting, btw. Don't remember on the old one about bagel, but I know it didn't have an off. I do like the fact it keeps toast warm for a while after it's done without burning it (just keep the lift down). Plus they're built to last.

Obviously I do like the enough to purchase again, if that means anything. Of course I'm also on my 2nd Advantium, so how smart am I? (pretty bad when it's cheaper to buy new than repair...)

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anyone still looking for dualit toasters? I just got an e- mail from ONE KINGS LANE and they have a sale on them. as much as $100 off

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Have had a four-slice chrome one for 26 1/2 years. DH loves it because it's metal and retro. Kind of funky in some ways--slightly uneven toasting, and split bagels do not always fit. Still, very few appliances last like this one, so I give it a thumbs up. I do not know anything about the "new version." Didn't even know that there was one.

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