Please show me your shaker lightrail

kksmamaSeptember 11, 2013

I chose shaker cabinets for the clean lines, and a pencil edge granite, and didn't think about the style of lightrail but am unhappy with what has been installed so far. It looks like an ogee edge.

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This is the best pic I have of my light rail. It is about a 2 inch flat board that extends about 1 1/2 inches below the bottom of the cabs. Since the lights are pretty flat and set in the middle of the cabs, not to the front or back, they do not show at all, even when we are seated at the table. Like you, I wanted simple, straight lines--no curves.

Because I did not want ANY top trim except in the taller cabinets in the corner and over the fridge, the cab guys were concerned that I would not like a bottom rail and no top trim. It is exactly the look I wanted.

(What you see peeking below the rail in the back corner is a radio/cd player attached to the underside of the cabinets. It does show slightly.)

The lights are not on in this picture.

Hope this helps.

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Hope this isn't considered hijacking, but it's definitely related. Do you think no light rail looks naked or unfinished? I can't decide.

I've thought about adding something similar to Bellsmom's, but perhaps lower profile. But then I got to wondering if the rail should have been included in the 18" height of the uppers.

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I like Bellsmom light rail. Simple style to go with the cabinet door style.

You only need light rail to conceal any lighting components wires etc. that are mounted below your cabinets and can be easily seen. Otherwise it's not needed.

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Thank you, Bellsmom, that looks great.

No worries, foodonastump. I need it, as I had my outlets mounted up there on an angle thanks to a2gemini's helpful post and picture. I had my uppers mounted higher so I still have 18" clearance just in case I find myself "needing" a Vitamix someday ;)

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No picture, but our doors and frames were made longer to accommodate lights below. In other words, the light rail is hidden by the doors when they are closed.

Foodonastump, I don't think it looks unfinished--probably because that's the look I have!

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I really like both looks. I love WindyCityLindy's idea to have doors and frames extended to cover lighting. But I also think Bellsmom's gorgeous cabinets look good too. Either way, I think the simple look is ideal for shaker cabinets.

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I like my low profile light rail in my last house

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That is pretty, Karenseb, thank you. If I ever do this again I think I'll use your idea, Windycitylindy.
I agree, Pricklypearcactus - simple would be much better and there are many good options.

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Not a close up pic, but I think you can get the idea. Our light rail is just a square piece, no frill or edges. We were also going with shaker style for the straight, clean lines.

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Our cab maker built the light rail into the cabinet.
The result is that the doors extend to the bottom of the built in rail.
Here's a shot.

Failing this design, I think "Bellsmom's" design looks fine.

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Ours is just a simple finished piece. We also did a clean granite edge, I think it was a 3/8 pencil, if I remember right. Nothing too fussy except the crown, which is still pretty plain for crown.

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Oh, wider view would probably help. Sorry!

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Thank you Chrissy, Willtv and Williamsem. They all look great and are helpful in affirming that I am right to have that ogee changed.
I know people do kitchens without being TKO about every little thing, but I can't figure out how they get nice results. I gave 0 thought to light rail, figured whatever they usually use would be fine.
I'm beginning to understand why people do kitchen after kitchen: you learn so much and can do so much better, it must be easier after the first time, right?

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I like Karen's thin pencil edge if it is under extended doors. If I were doing my kitchen over, I would consider it. I am not sure I would like extended doors though. They would look fine closed, but I think when I opened them, I would always be surprised to find the door hanging below the cabinet.

Do let us know what you decide to do.

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When I had my cabinets made, I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as a light rail for a kitchen (all I knew about was "light rail" as a mode of transportation).

I am lucky there was plenty of room to mount my LED light fixtures without them showing. There are fixtures under each of these cabinets.

These are the lights I used. If they would have been visible beneath my cabinets, I guess I could have used LED tape lights (another thing I didnt really know about before becoming addicted to GW)

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Mine are like Willtv's. I am obsessed with clean, simple lines and adore how mine turned out.

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Thank you Breezy, I love seeing pictures of your kitchen!

I've sent pictures of Williamsem's cabinets to my GC, I think that makes the most sense from where we are now (needing to replace something that is already there).

It looks like Williamsem's are close to even with the fronts of the doors, as opposed to close to even with the fronts of the cabinets as Bellsmom's, am I seeing it right?
Would anyone who doesn't live on GW ever give this much thought to light rail? I tire of myself, so I can only imagine how my poor dh feels!

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