wall oven next to fridge

techno_mommySeptember 9, 2013

We are working on our kitchen layout and, due to limited wall space, it looks like it is best to put the fridge just left of the double wall oven. I've seen this in dozens of houses. We're planning on a counter depth french door fridge, but had the realization that the fridge door may bang into the oven door handles (especially with 3 kids). I've read a few things about making sure there is cabinetry and an air gap between oven and fridge, so that the oven heat doesn't cause issues, but the only thing I've seen about the doors is to enable a lock to stop it at 90 degrees. This will drive me nuts! Suggestions for other solutions, or is this really not an issue?

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That is the set up we have. The oven isn't open very long--and it is just my habit to always announce, "stay back! Hot oven!" cause my kids are always running. It hasn't been a problem for us so far. Personally, I love the look of double ovens next to the fridge ;)

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Holly- Kay

I have the same set up and it has not posed a problem at all. I have a stack of double wall ovens and the fridge (counter depth) right beside of them. I love the set up I have and agree with Heidi that I like the way it looks too.

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That is our plan in our new kitchen as well, but with the fridge to the right, CD FD liebherr.

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I had double ovens to the right with fridge to the left, following by fridge to the right and single under-counter oven to the left. Neither posed a real-world problem.

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Thanks! I stopped in Lowe's today and the appliance guy told/showed me that the new fridge doors only open about 120 degrees. My current fridge (c.1990) opens a full 180 degrees and I was picturing the banging of handles. I think I can proceed with the plan. Now, I just have to determine specific appliances.

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