Danby Olympia coming this morning. How do you clean yours daily?

jem3953September 11, 2012

I read a post a while back where someone stated they were having an panic attack waiting for their counter tops. Apparently, that is part of the process for everyone! I know I didn't pick the prettiest slab EVER, as I couldn't find it and I looked for months. I just hope I love it enough.

Just wondering how those of you who have Danby clean it everyday. I've read lots of different things and just hoping I can get a quick response!

Thanks, Friends. I will take pics, of course, but this is your low-budget old farm house, piece-by-piece upgrade. But I know you will want me to share and I will.

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I simply wipe mine down with water and a bit of dish soap....

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A wet sponge, just like I use on Formica and on old granite. Not nec yet to wipe the marble dry.

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I love marble and can't wait to see yours. I've read the comet/scotchbrite method on the Danby web site, but it's not an every day cleaning - sorry I can't help there. Good luck tomorrow!

p.s. when it's yours,it becomes the prettiest slab ever!

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