When do soapstone counter tops need braces?

peridot44September 25, 2012

I will have soapstone counters. 3 stools will sit at a breakfast bar. One stool on the small end of the run, 2 stools on the backside of the cabinets. The bar is counter height, one continuous piece of stone, 12 inch overhang.

The 2 stools share a 54" span of counter. The single stool is at a 36" end.

Will I need braces on the cabinets? Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

Any stone counter overhang deeper than 9" needs support for that overhang. The choice of support is up to you, as that's engineering and aesthetics combined. But, you'll need 2 supports across the short section and at least 3 across the 54" length.

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Usually in their early teen years.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

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There are some clever ways to recess the braces into the soapstone so that it does not show. I am sure I have seen some ideas on this forum.

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My soapstone overhang has steel bars embedded in them. M. Teixeira did this for me when my countertop was fabricated. My contractor provided the steel bars. From Soapstone

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In general...The 6 & 10 Rule [from AZStoneConsulting, IIRC] If your stone is 2cm thick, you will need support for any overhang > 6" If your stone is 3cm thick, you will need support for any overhang > 10"

With a 15" overhang:

  • 2cm stone would need 9" of support (15" - 6" = 9")

  • 3cm stone would need 5" of support (15" - 10" = 5")

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