Deeper pantry cabinet next to standard depth lowers?

rmiriamSeptember 5, 2013

My layout has the sink, dishwasher, pantry cabinet and refrigerator in a row (and in that order). I had planned to make the pantry cabinet a few inches deeper to hide the entire side of the fridge, but now am concerned that it will look funny having a deeper cabinet next to the standard depth DW. I would prefer not to pull the DW and sink out from the wall, as every inch counts. Does anyone have a setup like this, or thoughts on whether it might look odd?

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Put one of the tall elements to the other side so that you have tall, standard, tall in a row and it looks intentional Or pull the base cabinets out so that you get more counter space. You're already dealing with clearance issues if you've got a deeper pantry there anyway and having deeper bases doesn't exacerbate that. It only improves the situation.

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Having the talls deeper allows the counter to "die" into a side, elinates a little overhanging edge-often preferred method but faces don't line up. Often when doing this I recess the toe of the tall so that matches the bases.

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That's what mine is like. Not a dishwasher specifically, but cabinets then pantry then fridge in that that order. Pulling the pantry out a couple of inches not only let's you hide the fridge, but it's smart as jakuvall says above because otherwise your counter overhang would stick out past the pantry.

Giving the pantry a couple of extra inches lets the counter die into the pantry, and means you can open the pantry door without hitting the counter overhang.

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Thanks, everyone! Taggie, those pictures are so helpful. I am going to stop worrying about it, because yours looks great. Beautiful kitchen!

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