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etayerSeptember 30, 2010

Just found this for sale just south of Twin Cities area of Minn.: a 4-burner cookstove with fancy molded iron trim, nickel trim, and two porcelain medallions. There is a water-heating well at back. I believe there is a small oven. "This is an absolutely gorgeous antique wood cook stove made by The Great Western Stove Company. It is a Woodbine Model No. 922 C" $1000, you fetch it. Photos make it look incredibly clean. In my humble opinion it's from the third or fourth quarter of 19th century or perhaps pre-WWI.

I found this info about the company:

The plains states and Rocky Mt area looks to have been the company's distribution range.

Amazingly, there's a website on how to clean up one.

Website says company stoves were likely built between 1875 and 1920.

In a quick search online I saw parlor stoves but no other ranges (I quit after 2 pgs. of links; tried the Google Images and only found this one)

Here is a link that might be useful: Four burner Great Western Wood Burning Stove

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That stove is fabulous; can't get over how clean it appears in the photos, it really looks pristine...are you thinking of going for it?

Thanks for sharing!

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That is awesome!! Almost TOO awesome in fact. I wonder if it might be a good reproduction? It would certainly be worth looking at for that price. It is gorgeous.

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Eustacem: I am not in the market for an antique cookstove (sez DH), but I wonder if one of the historic sites around here needs one. I work with a terrible one in an 1850s house a few times a year, a stove that was scrounged from someplace to accompany the house when it was moved to this history park.

Update...after writing the above, I realized I needed to get acting on this because it's gonna sell. Called the history site, they said they're pricing something similar to this right now from the Carolinas and were thrilled to hear about a nearer one. They do a lot of on-site cooking and baking in the old houses, which date from Minn. Territory to end of 19th C., esp. at winter holiday time when they do ethnic emphasis. Well, thanks for the impetus, GWers. The matter is out of my hands; someone else can make their own decisions now.

But that stove sure is lovely. You don't find these oldies in good shape very often. There are companies that rehab them and sell for big money. They plunder carcases of broken ones for the parts. This baby has all its doors and lids and everything!

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And it's gone now! At least the seller has removed the posting. Let's hope Florantha's museum site bagged it.

The PO's were still using theirs when we bought this farm in 1989. It did not convey and they moved it to the tenant house next door where it's still keeping them warm and toasty and well-fed.

Luckily, we inherited a beautiful Stewart wood-fired range from my MIL. It's a beauty and was still in excllent condition and daily use. I'm keeping it safely stored in case the Peak Oil Doomers are right.


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