mercury glass light fixtures

localeaterSeptember 9, 2012

I love the look of mercury glass fixtures. I do however need diffuse lighting so I was leaning toward white or opal glass. Any thoughts on whether mercury glass would provide diffuse light or if it would direct the light downward(like a metal shade would)?

Something like this

Traditional Pendant Lighting design by Candelabra

Contemporary Ceiling Lighting design by New York Furniture And Accessories West Elm

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I don't know but I LOVE the second one!

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I don't know either but my love is for the FIRST one. : )

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We just put these mercury glass pendants in:

They give direct light with no diffusion. It looks like your first choice is diffused light because you can see the bulb through the glass.

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I, too, love mercury glass and considered all three of those pendants shown! My concern with the first is that the light would throw off weird shadows. I love the shape so much, but I just wasn't sure the shape was right for my space.

I saw the second fixture at WE last fall. The glass pattern was very different than that pic from their website. It looked more even and with less mercury-ness to hide the glare. (The more clear the glass, the more chance of bare bulb glare.) If they hadn't been a tad too wide for my space, I think I would have gone with them and risked the glare factor.

Ann's JY fixtures seemed a bit too whimsical for me after lusting after them for months. Dang...they look stunning in her kitchen!! Plus, like you, I need my pendants to provide diffuse light rather than down light like those.

If it comes down to the first two for you, consider what the hanging material. Do you want black fabric cord or white plastic mod cord? The first evokes a more vintage look, while the WE pendants are more modern and sleek.

I don't think I've been any help after all those words. Have fun deciding!

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Thanks all but I am so confused I opened a new thread with a broader question to hopefully figure out my lighting dilemma. Please come over there and help out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Localeater's lighting woes

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