Warning--Decore-ative cabinet doors

ctkathySeptember 14, 2012

Many cabinet guys use door fronts purchased elsewhere and not made by themselves. One outfit that supplies a lot of these doors is Decore-ative. We totally remodelled our kitchen aabout 5 years ago and our contractor used these doors. He is now out of business. Several of the cabinet doors, including the fridge panel, have a crack underneath the painted finish. It appears to be a crack in the wood but hasn't broken the painted finish as yet. I called Decore-ative and learned they have a one year guarantee. They won't do anything and weren't really interested in talking about my problem. The cabinets that have these problems are not next to the range or wall oven or sink so I don't see how moisture or heat could have caused this.

I caution anyone who is buying cabinets to ask your contractor what he is doing for doors and run if he is using this company.

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Center panel on a raised panel door? Sounds like they didn't let the panel float.

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Yes it is the center panel on a raised panel door. Whatever they did, it isn't good and they don't stand behind their product. Now I will have to buy these through another contractor, try to get the paint and glaze matched and get it fixed myself. Shouldn't happen like this.

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Goodness! I'm glad that I read this - we are about to have a custom cabinet maker use Decore-ative for our cabs!

I'm paging through their catalog and cannot find any information about a warranty.

Are your center portions made of MDF or wood?

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I believe it is MDF.

I spoke with another cabinet guy recently who uses Decor Ative and he put me in touch with the local rep. I'm hoping he will do more than the corporate people.

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If you have no luck with Decore-ative Specialties then I would recommend your contractor buys from Walzcraft or Meridian.

Really good quality.

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Good to know.

I have 40+ Decore Ative doors/drawers in my kichen which is less than 5 years old. 3 are defective but I cannot even think about changing all my cabinet fronts. I MUST get these three replaced with the same as the rest which are Decore Ative. I wouldn't be having this problem if the outfit I had do my kitchen hadn't gone bust OR if Decorative corporate gave some sort of customer service.

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Post a pic of the defective items. I'll bet there's someone making them.

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You don't need to go back to Decore-ative.

Most profiles on kitchen doors are commonly available.
Other suppliers probably have them and custom cabinet makers definitely have them.
As regards the finish, there is no guarantee you would get a perfect match in terms of a five year old finish.

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