Kitchen granite/backsplash questions

rocks911September 30, 2012

I'm in the process of having my counter tops replaced with granite, with the type and color up to my wife, I'm just the project manager, or more commonly referred to as the husband.

I have an electric cooktop but might at some point want gas. Is there a more common cutout size than others, which is to say what cutout size would accommodate the largest range of future changes in the cooktop?

They all seem a little different but there is wiggle room to be sure. My current electric cooktop is actually a replacement and the cutout hole is actually larger than recommended but it has worked out fine.

It would be nice to just be able to plop a gas cooktop into the cutout in the granite.

As for my backsplash, I think we're going with the customary travertine. I know that it is rock and porous and has to be sealed but was wondering if it could be a problem with staining from splatter, from say tomato sauce or whatever. We do a lot of cooking and sometimes it gets messy. Travertine is awfully light colored.

The wife did mention she wanted glass though, I ruled out any of the very small glass tiles though as its too busy for my eye.

So I dont know what to think about the backsplash. If staining is not an issue I'm sure we'll be going with the travertine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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The backsplash will be fine as long as you do seal it. You will need to re seal according to the manufacturers recommendations periodically. it would also be advised to use the sealer on one tile first to see how it may alter the color. Seal the install backsplash first, then grout and re seal. Your local tile supply can give you further direction.

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Travertine is beautiful - it makes a lovely counter top too. But think about the look you want. Stone counters with stone backsplash can be a very heavy look as in the image below. Some love it, I do not.

A lot of GWers use inspiration photos. Scroll through or other sites looking for images of counter and bs combos that look appealing to you before you worry about picking out your materials and colors. Benefit from other's artistic eyes. With the right combination of materials (as in the travertine image below, shown with solid surface) you can end up with a very pretty space. But don't commit to a bs material until you know what your counter will be.

Here is a link that might be useful: travertine

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would consider induction before gas....I have cooked on gas, electric and induction over the years, and induction is by far my favorite. Saves having to run the pipe as well....

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I second AnnieDeighnaugh's motion for induction.

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