How to end backsplash in corner?

kitchenkrazed09September 23, 2011

I am still plodding along, slowly but (sometimes not so) surely, with my kitchen remodel. While I am waiting for my second backsplash order to be corrected (that's another story for a different day), I started rethinking the tile design. I have an L-shaped kitchen with an island. There is a long row of counter-height windows above the long leg of the L, and there will be no backsplash on this wall. A 3x6 subway tile backsplash will be installed only on the short leg of the L (the range top wall). I had originally planned to have one row of bullnose tiles run vertically on the outer end of the tile run. Should I be doing anything in the corner where it meets the wall? Since there will be no backsplash on the window wall, the tile in the corner will meet drywall on the adjoining wall. Will it look okay to just let the subway pattern die into the corner? Does anyone have photos to share, showing what they did to end tile in a corner? Thanks so much for any advice!

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We let the tile dead end into the corner.
Here's a shot.

If you use bullnose in the corner I'd be afraid of stuff getting caught there.
Bullnose is meant to used as a finishing element if your tile detail ends on a flat surface.

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Thanks for your advice, Willtv. The photo is very helpful too. I could always use regular field tile (with straight edges), run vertically in the corner, to avoid the problem you mentioned. I'm not sure I really want to do that though, but I guess I was just wondering if it would look weird with vertical tile on one side only. How does your tile over the sink run end? Does that also end into a wall or did you use a trim tile?

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you can put a 1 mm metal strip, which defines the end a bit more. The simpler the better. The only way to end an end is to stop it.

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We ended in the corner as well...

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Thanks Davidro1.

Fivefootzero, I love your kitchen and your soapstone. I see that ending in the corner does not look bad at all.

I guess what I'm really wondering is, if I only tile one wall, will it look odd to have the tile run vertically on only one side? I'm a big symmetry person, but don't know if it would look right to have a line of field tile installed vertically on the other side, since it is in the corner.

Joan2121 - If you're out there, I think you have a similar situation over your range. What did you do on each side of the backsplash?

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Krazed, here's a shot of the tile on the sink run.

On the right hand side there is bullnose across the top between the window and cabinet and also bullnose between the cabinet and countertop.
I'm not sure why you're thinking of verticle tiles on one side and not the other.
I'd do one or the other but not both.

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Another vote for ending plainly with the tile:

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Thanks for posting the other photo, Willtv. When you say you'd do one or the other but not both, do you mean all horizontal or all vertical for the entire backsplash? Or do you mean you'd end one side or the other with a vertical row, but not both? (I'm sorry, I'm just not understanding because of the previous sentence that sounds like you wouldn't do a vertical row on only one side.)

Thanks Co-Co. Pretty granite. Now, if the other side of that backsplash ended next to a doorway (with drywall next to it), do you think a vertical row of tile would look odd to end it (on only the one side)?

Sorry guys, not sure if I'm explaining it well. I know Katieob (love her kitchen!) has a row of vertical tiles to end the backsplash. I'm attaching a link of her finished kitchen post. If you imagine she had only tiled that one wall, where the range is, how would you end the tile in the corner? Would you do a vertical row on that side too for symmetry? Or just have the vertical row on the one side and let the other side end into the corner?

Here is a link that might be useful: Katieob's Kitchen

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Hey...I answered this question in my post, but in case you don't see kitchen does exactly what you are talking about. I have vertical bullnose where the counter run ends at the bfast area. It is just drywall there, so it needed the vertical bullnose. On the other end of that sink run, the horizontal subway just dies into the fridge box. I actually don't have close pics of that run, but if you want me to, I can take one tomorrow and upload. It looks perfectly fine to me, in fact, I never really thought about it before! :)

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Thanks so much Nini804. I did see the response in your post. In case you don't see my response to that, I love the rest of your house!

Anyway, yeah, leave it to me to think of these minute little details. Yes, I would really appreciate a close-up photo, if you get the chance. Thanks!!

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Krazed, Perhaps I was unclear. Although I'm not a fan of vertical subway tile edging, what I meant is that I'd do either a vertical edge on both ends or dead end the tile at both ends.
I think the reason that some use the vertical edging is because the manufacturer of the tile they're using doesn't make bullnose on the short edge of the tile.
On the other hand some people like the look.
Either way, whatever I did I'd do the same on both edges.

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OK, I took some quick snaps of that counter run. For those that are saying to do both the same...frankly, in my instance, it was the only solution. You couldn't just dead end the tile on the left side, because it would look unfinished. And I agree with a pp, I wouldn't want a bullnose where it dead ends into a corner, because there would be a gap where dust, crumbs, flour, could creep in. Anyway...if you have to go this route, I wanted you to see that it doesn't look bad, to me it looks just normal! :)

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Having read nini's post I think I better understand the OP's original question.
I beleive the problem can be solved by finding tile from a manufacturer that makes tiles with a bullnose edge on the long edge, the short edge and both edges.
We used Daltile Rittenhouse Square subways for just this reason.

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Thanks so much for your responses, Willtv. We chose Walker Zanger, which carries all of the trim options you mentioned. The tile order has already been placed for field tile and bullnose on the long edge. (We didn't need a bullnose on both edges, but even if we did, I see that Nini's contractor came up with a nice solution to miter two pieces together.) Everything runs to the bottom of a cabinet or the range hood, with the exception of the one outer edge of the backsplash run.

Nini, I really appreciate you posting that photo. It is very helpful to actually see it. I think your backsplash looks great. I wonder if it makes a difference that mine will run into a wall, as opposed to a cabinet. Then again, maybe I'm overthinking this and no one will notice either way!

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schluter and others make "profile edges" ; this is a single product you buy to solve the edge problem on each and any side of the tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: schluters

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Thanks Davidro. It's not really an edge problem, it's more of a symmetry problem. I was just wondering if I do a vertical row on one side, should it also be done on the other side (in field tile, not bullnose) purely for symmetry and aesthetic purposes and since I will only be tiling the one wall.

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